• abc

    “If I had one criticism of Chancellor Shirvani, it’s that he wasn’t nearly as deft at political games as the university presidents he was tasked with supervising.”

    You can’t be serious? Your flip-flop on Shirvani and recent defense’s of him while clearing him of almost all blame is over the top. There are a lot of issues in Higher Ed, no doubt, but he was part of the problem. And one needs to look no further than his previous job evaluations (which you have pointed out and were vocal that more focus should have been put on during the hiring process) shows he can more than handle his own in political games.

    • Rob

      He made the people in California mad. He made the people in ND mad. So no, he wasnt very good at politics.

      And all the university apologists willing now to admit there are problems, fine. Bit shirvani is gone. Who will you scapegoat now that he’s gone?