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Jon Godfread: Conservation Measure Backers Have Flawed Assumptions

I read with great interest a recent letter from Steve Adair and Naomi Thorson about their interpretation of the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment. It included several fundamentally flawed assumptions that need to be corrected. Among them: That this is an opportunity to invest “a small percentage” of the state’s revenue into the conservation fund


Why ‘$15 now’ has nothing to do with productivity or a ‘living wage’

By Maxford Nelsen | Freedom Foundation The frenetic push for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle has some sensible observers asking the question: Why not $14 or $16? And if increasing the minimum wage is good for the economy, why not boost it to $50 an hour? At this juncture, minimum wage advocates typically chuckle

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Sponsored Post: Can You Trust The Cloud To Keep Your Data Safe

Stepping into the unknown and choosing to store personal information in the cloud can be a big step indeed. For most, fear of the unknown is the biggest hurdle, while for others, fear of losing sensitive information – or more accurately, prying eyes reading that sensitive information – is what holds them back from storing