Things Not Going Great For Ed Schultz


The rise of Ed Schultz’s media career has always been surprising to me. From a regional talk radio host here in North Dakota to a nationally syndicated liberal talker to an evening weekday show on a major cable news channel, he went pretty far. It was surprising to me because Ed Schultz isn’t that bright. When your schtick is red-faced bluster and name-calling, there’s really only so far you can go.

So it doesn’t surprise me at all that, after a relatively short tenure in prime time, MSNBC is pushing Schultz to the wasteland that is weekend cable news programming.

You’ve got to love the brave face Schultz is putting on it:

“And in the big finish tonight, a big personal and professional announcement. MSNBC will be expanding its weekend programming and this opens a big opportunity for ‘The Ed Show’ and my brand,” he said. “I will be leaving this time slot at 8 PM ET and moving to Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 7 PM.”

In a statement, MSNBC president Phil Griffin said he was “thrilled for Ed and happy to be expanding our weekend programming,” adding that he was “looking forward to having Ed’s powerful voice on our network for a long time.”

In related news that’s also unfortunate for Schultz, his national radio show seems to be slipping too. He fell several spots in the Talker’s Magazine national ranking of talk radio hosts.

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  • stan25

    A change in programming lineup usually means that the person that is being switched is on the way to cleaning out the desk and being escorted out the building by security. /sarc If this is the case, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy /sarc off

    • slackwarerobert

      Is that waco he replaced hiring? oberman I think it was. To bad al gore already dumped his green channel. Ed could never work for big oil.

      • VocalYokel

        “Ed could never work for big oil.”

        Let’s not sell Special Ed short.

        He certainly has similar, if not identical scruples as algore.

        Given the opportunity, (and the cash) Schultz would be able to justify (spin) broadcasting on behalf of Satan…not that it would be a huge ideological leap.

  • Roger Johnson

    Sad but there are tons of leftist sheople that thinks that this guy and Rachel Maddow speak the truth and facts. And tons of right wing sheople who think that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh speak the truth. Folks, figure things out for yourself!!! Baaa.

    • JoeMN

      I am naturally skeptical of anyone who claims to have a monopoly on truth.

      This includes those purporting to be “in the middle” who would have me believing a truth can be manufactured by mashing two “untruths” together.
      It’s interesting that you use the analogy of sheep.
      In truth, sheep are always wedged between the shepherd and the dog.

      • Roger Johnson

        I don’t believe that I or anyone has a monopoly on the truth. My comment was meant to show that people taking the slants of what used to be at one time the “news”, as truth need to be skeptical. Unfortunately that is not the case and as a result we end up with embarassments like George W Bush and Barry H Obama as Presidents I do like your sheep comment, however.

        • slackwarerobert

          But only the left claims their laugh a minute hosts are news. I like to watch maddow with the kids so they can point out where she dropped the ball on logic and reasoning. Take her rant on suing the gun manufacturer for crimes committed by bad guys. The cigarette companies have never been sued when someone smokes a cigarette in a no smoking zone, so why should a gun company be sued when someone takes a gun in a no gun zone? That and her outrage when the leftist looses the governors mansion, and the new party uses those laws they put on the books to shut down nut case local crooks.
          Ed is more a tsk, tsk, such a shame type of idiot.
          But great that he will be adding to obamas unemployment numbers and food stamp rolls he loves so well.

    • slackwarerobert

      Well Glenn Beck at leasts sources his facts. And does a hoitey toitey rich elitist when he uses the pipe you can just die laughing. Rush, I really miss his old days when that stupid boxer would beat you up. Did Rush ever get his shotgun in NY? But moving out of that cesspool shows he has brains as well as talent.

  • mikemc1970

    major cable news channel

    Whoa there! That’s a bit generous of you. Let’s face the facts, the only “major” cable news network that MSNBC can beat in the ratings is CNN and CNN’s ratings are so low, the only way they could go down any farther is if they started removing the monitors in airports. No, unless it’s on FOX News, it’s not really news.

    As far as Schultzy goes, karma is bummer, but always appropriate.

    • Roger Johnson

      sorry to pee on your leg, but your’re clearly a sheople= gullible for one side of the argument. When I work out at the Y,, I use an elliptical that is right below 2 monitors-one with Fox, one with CNN. If the “truth” if there at all, it is somewhere in the middle.

      • mikemc1970

        So you’re not one of Stalin’s useful idiots, you’re one of Roosevelt’s cold and timid souls. That’s much better.

        • Roger Johnson

          sorry to keep peeing on your leg (I’m surprised that you just stand there). But it looks like you’re from one of the two sides who wants to keep ripping freedoms away from me. Your side wants to tell me what to do in my bedroom and which particular branch of Christianity to believe in. Which sins in the bible to believe in and which are ok to ignore. The left wants to take my guns and make me pay for those to lazy to work.

          • mikemc1970

            I’m a fiscal libertarian, which means I’d like to see a much smaller government incapable of interfering in any ones personal life, so neither your incontinence nor your timid approach to life and the world in general have any sway on me. And you better pray that Jesus was right, because that is the only you or the John McCains or Mitt Romney’s will inherit anything.

          • Roger Johnson

            Excellent comment on the incontinence (best comeback I’ve seen for awhile on a blog!) We’ve all stopped stoning people, we now eat shell fish and wear multiple fabrics of clothes. So, if anyone things that they will be saved, they are more gullible than voting for a lefty thinking that the lefty has his best interest in mind.

          • mikemc1970

            The lefts closest and dearest allies, the Islamic Jihadists, actually have not stopped stoning people.

          • Roger Johnson

            So in your mind, Islamic Jihadists are the righteous ones? .

          • mikemc1970

            So in your mind English isn’t your native language and you have a lot of trouble determining the meaning of what others are saying. Are you related to Hannitized?

          • Roger Johnson

            Based on your aversion to answer questions, I’m guessing that you are right there with the Westboro Baptist Church or the Occupy Movement as well? I might have to pee on your leg again. No relation . I stopped listening to Hannity after he called Pelosi a great american as a way to get her on his show.

          • mikemc1970

            I answered the question. You were unable to glean it. Not my problem. Westboro and Occupy are both Democratic organizations. The head of the Westboro Baptist Church was an actual delegate for Al Gore.

          • Ray Seltz

            This is why knuckleheads like you trying to make a political point, simply chase your tail: In 1988, yes Phelps was supporting supporting Gore. But not by 1997, when he called Gore a “famous fag pimp”. If you understood what it is that you think you stand for, then you’d be dangerous. But you don’t, so I’m out.

          • mikemc1970

            He was still a delegate for Al Gore. He was never a delegate for the GOP. The only reason he is not a delegate anymore is because of their stance on homosexuality, but he’s still 99% Demonrat.

          • noblindersonme

            oh just shut up , your slur that the left’s dearst allies are Islamic Jihadists have as much wisdom as my saying I can hop from my back porch onto the moon ! Comments like that only expose the laziness of thought . Comparisons to the Taliban and the Amercian far right have been far more prevalent in the cultural ‘debate’ that is the internet , but I don’t think that pushes us to better truths either.

          • mikemc1970

            The left is funding the Muslim Brotherhood a know terrorist organization bent on world domination. I mean it really sucks that you are too phucking stupid to see it or too partisan to admit the truth, but not my problem really.

          • slackwarerobert

            The fire and brimstone will burn off the coth so not an issue. I am already “stoned” and can therefor better comprehend gods beauty. And since the meek shall inherit the earth, gullible is a good thing, well armed gullible is even better because you can’t inherit if you are dead.

          • realitybasedbob

            Mr. 1970, you should move to Alaska and pretend to be a secessionist.

          • mikemc1970

            As opposed to moving to the Democratic party so I can just pretend to be an American?

          • Thresherman

            Not surprisingly, you have mis-stated the intent of many who are on the right regarding religion. The leftist smear is always that the christian right is going to shove their religion down your throat and wants to create a theocracy. The truth is much simpler, that they simply want to be allowed to exercise their religion where and when they want. Prayer is school is not a demand that all must be forced to pray, but that they are not forbidden to pray. The same goes with other public events, if people want to have a prayer before commencing, they should be allowed to instead being threatened with a lawsuit if they do because someone got all butt hurt about it. If your religious beliefs cause you to have an opinion on a subject, be it abortion or gay marriage, you should allowed to express that and not be castigated for it.

            The left is all about tolerance, except for those who opinions they disagree with. I always find it amusing that they demand tolerance for the views of CAIR when they openly advocate the very things that the left tries to blame on the christian right.

          • Roger Johnson

            What is CAIR? Tolerance is a two way street The right thinks the left isn’t tolerant. The left thinks the right isn’t tolerant. And both sides think their side is right.

          • noblindersonme

            now you are generailizing thresherman. The Christian right does have many facets to it ,and not all of those are as freedom loving and benevolent as you claim. And the TRUTH IS NOT ALWAYS SIMPLER.

            I know many strict conservative Christians and their view of GOD and Church is benevolent and open minded, I never have problems or issues with them . I respect and love them. I am a moderate open minded Christain myself , still learning , wondering and seeking my path in life. Yet I have witnessed some awful examples of overbearing UnChrist-like acts coming from the pulpits and sermons from the hateful God Fearing preachers from the too far right and their followers. Hate for Muslims, hate for gays , hate for those who don’t tote the line they see as righteous ,inotherwords ,they seem to know better than Christ. I don’t need to sit in my pew and listen to that.

            I have felt that they were trying to shove their view down my throat!

            Wouldn’t the better more “Christian’ way to approach this is to ‘”simply” acknowledge that extremists exist on both or all sides ,and we all should try to unite together. After all we are all welcome in God’s arms.

          • slackwarerobert

            Are you ed’s biggest fan? How is saying marriage is between one man and one women telling you what to do in your bedroom? It is obama that is telling Christians how to practice their faith, and what the bible says. Saying you have to buy your own condoms doesn’t stop you from riding the neighbors dog bareback on the front lawn.

  • grammie

    Ed makes me ashamed to be from ND. When he took over the talk show from Mark Armstrong I thought to myself what a selfish,selfserving person. He has just proven me right. This is the face of a man that has sold his soul to the devil. I actually feel sorry for him.

  • Roy_Bean

    My only hope is that Ed likes city living enough that he won’t come back.

    • mikemc1970

      Maybe that should be a goal of ND Republicans to start a “We Don’t Want You Back, Ed” campaign, get enough signatures on a petition to keep him from legally regaining ND residency status.

      • matthew_bosch

        The state’s canine population would appreciate such a campaign.

      • slackwarerobert

        Or pass a must carry law, then he won’t step foot in the state ever again.

        • noblindersonme

          slacker robert , you do know that Ed was and is a long time hunter sportsman who hosted his own , very popular , Outdoors show while he was a fixture here. Ed knows exactly what a gun should be used for primarily out there , and that is for hunting pheasants deer and ducks. Unlike Hennen or Port who probably have never shouldered a rifle ,or your last candidate for President Romney who bragged he ‘was a life long hunter’ – except for the 30 some years he wasn’t before he joined the NRA a day before throwing his hat in the ring! Yeah slacker BOB what are really saying?? Are you threatening him?

          • slackwarerobert

            There is a difference from hiding up in a tree and taking out a peaceful grass eater, and carrying a firearm to defend ones life from dangerous felons roaming the streets. He has no fear from me, unless he is in my livingroom, or he is inciting his peaceful union thugs to attack me. Those ladies should have shot those goons attacking them in the tent at the capital. 250lb wearing mask, and carrying a knife, he should have been carried out in a body bag.

  • banjo kid

    That is really good news , we can only hope that he fades out totally ,.

    • ND in MD

      Ed fadding away would be great, but, unfortnately, if things get bad for Ed, I bet Joel Heitkamp will thriw him a lifeline. They will find him a sot somewhere on KFGO.

  • zipity

    Yeah Fat Eddie, 5 pm on Saturday is a slot most hosts of a show that already has abysmally low ratings would KILL for.

    I hope this doesn’t get him upset enough to shoot ANOTHER dog.

    Although if he does, he’ll probably get a dinner invite from Obama.

    As long as he brings the dog for the entree…

  • SportsDoc

    This is going to cut into his weekend Detroit Lakes party time with the local big dollar weekenders he hob knobs with.

  • Drain52

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • ellinas1

    Penis envy on your part.

    • slackwarerobert

      Not me, I have my big gun for that small problem. I will miss his web page nut cases, I doubt they can handle him moving. pimp hustler sharpton has no one following his rants, and maddow, well that says it all.

  • ec99

    If networks would eliminate the talking heads of all political persuasions, and the “reality” shows such as Honey Boo Boo, gator shooters, and ghost hunters, I just might believe there’s a god.

    • slackwarerobert

      Well the gator shooters should be mandatory viewing in florida, those nuts think you should be eaten by them. One bullet to the head and even godzilla gators stop messing with anyone. Idiots in florida seem to think humans were put on the earth to feed the gators.

  • cylde

    All the lies that have been spread about Rush Limbaugh by people that never listen to him, just fit Mr. fat and nasty Schultz.

  • Jeff Haman

    Ed’s numbers look just as good as all of the other degenerates that have shows on MSNBC. He’s being discriminated for being the only straight white male, that is a functioning alcoholic on MSNBC. Hopefully Ed will have the courage this time to torch the place down.

  • spud

    Well at least he got a shot at the big time. Look at Scott Hennen now there is a guy who failed miserably. Ed your 15 minutes lasted longer than Sarah Palin’s.

    • ec99

      Hennen’s demise began when he decided to recreate himself as the Limbaugh of the plains at KCNN in Grand Forks.

  • DelawareBeachHouse

    Ratings comparison for 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, 25-54 demographic.

    O’Reilly — 510 — Fox News

    EdShow — 195 — MSNBC

    Cooper — 170 — CNN

    Grace — 136 — HLN

    MSNBC, the only cable channel with more letters in its name than viewers.

  • slackwarerobert

    Oh, No! How we get the real story of why they democrats are hiding in a hotel room out of state. The republicans will never tell us all the dirty unmarried gay details.

    How low do your numbers have to be on the channel that can count viewers on one hand after you loose your fingers in an industrial accident? I do hope this isn’t union payback for letting them down with walker. his fake outrage didn’t ring true with me either.

    If his brand was the truth he could have gone over to c-span. It would have been funny watching him read the news and have to tell the truth about what the papers printed that day.

    5 oclock saturdays, should put him in place to give the presbo weekly pontification a happy ending at least. Will hope the dna stains don’t match for his sake. If they match it could ruin tiger woods, he will never live down michele blaming him for it.

  • Rick Olson

    The Forum had a piece this morning on Ed Schultz.

    They’re reporting that this was Ed’s idea and it is not a demotion. This has been confirmed on the record by MNSBC President Phil Griffin. The article quotes Griffin as: “A daily routine of TV and radio has meant 13- and 14-hour days, Schultz said, a whirlwind of work that had prompted MSNBC President Phil Griffin to check with Schultz regularly to see how he was holding up.”

    Also: “The fact is, Ed came to me,” the network’s president said.

    Griffin said he’d like to be “on-brand” for most of the day during the weekends, and Schultz’s new time slot helps achieve that. He also pledged that MSNBC still backs Schultz strongly.

    “His voice absolutely has to be part of this network,” Griffin said.

    So, was this article a plant by Ed Schultz and his people; or was this a sincere effort on The Forum’s part to report on the reason why Schultz was demoted to a weekend time slot?

  • noblindersonme

    Feeling combative, I decided to drift by this old hangout of idiocy much like one would drop into a seedy bar full of society castoffs, miscreants ,and brain muddled intoxicated babblers. Sure enough, the scenery hardly ever changes,

    Port illustrates why he himself is doomed to never advancing past this level .

    ” Ed’s rise.. has always been surprising to me?”.” because he is not that bright ” ? That statement speaks for itself when analyzing your thinking, Port !

    Does one even have to ask if Port thinks Ed is not that smart , then why in the hell isn’t Port and a comrade like Hennen , not basking in the greater glory of national prominence that they so obvoiusly crave ? Few in Ndakota so brazenly seek the spotlight and power positions in ‘the media’ that Port and Hennen do , yet they are the ones acting like envious brats as one of their fellow talkers made it to the big time.! Geez I know it is St Patricks Day but do you have to celebrate by being so GREEN with envy!

    btw most all replys are just as dumb. Cmon! no matter what position these talk/news shows occupy today they all just appeal to a very narrow slice of American life. Fox and all the bundled up sound alike shows , beating up MSNBC etc – BIG ***** DEAL!. Geez -Fox at the maximum gets about 3 milion nightly ! So what if Ed gets only half that! 325 million Americans don’t give a damn whats on FOX! Pro Wrestling , or what bs they call it today gets about 10 mil each night . Dancing with Stars , Idol, Pawn Stars , Honey Boo Boo, Big Bang reruns, Aliens, and Finding Bigfoot ALL GET BETTER RATINGS THAN FOX!!! And ABC nightly news still gets about 7 million viewers , with NBC CBS PBS at the 5-6 million range! BUT HOLY SH*T! Fox at 3 mil per night is just kickin ass according to the drunks at the SAB barstools!

    and another btw . why is it ‘insightful ‘ to claim that Ed’s occasional red bluster and ‘name calling’ is a pitiful ‘schtick’. Geez for giggles I had the misfortune to catch O’Reilly last night and Bill let loose with a red faced ,name calling tirade that apparently the right just loves to watch! I have never seen Ed go that ballastic
    oh wait, maybe THAT is why Bill gets better ratings!

    • Lianne

      Feel better now? I hope so. If not you may want to calm your angst by tearing paper into strips, chopping trees, and or throwing snowballs (but only at non moving inanimate objects such as your barn.) I guarantee one or all three will work.

  • fredlave

    Bombastic Ed played football without a helmet a few too many times. I hope the ghost of his dog haunts him forever.

  • Seth Brown

    You are so wrong and so foolish. Ed’s intellect exceeds that of anyone over at Faux and he has a heart to go with it, which is not a requisite at Faux. Ed is the working man and women’s voice – he stands up for teachers, police, firefighters, unions, minorities, and us working stiffs. He stands tall against the right, the super rich, voter suppression, lowering taxes for the top 1-2%, injustice everywhere, the weak arguments of the NRA, and the do-nothing House of Representatives. We (the people, not the fortunate few) need Ed.