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Dalrymple’s Low Income Housing Scheme Belly Flops

Dalrymple’s Low Income Housing Scheme Belly Flops

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple, much like his predecessor John Hoeven, has long been seen as the sort of leader who isn’t exactly a believer in free enterprise. Dalrymple, like Hoeven, believes in an economy driven by government “investment” in the form of a myriad of economic development schemes. So it wasn’t at all surprising


Banning Food Trucks And Man Camps Is Creating A Development Bubble In Western ND

One legitimate concern about the Bakken oil rush in western North Dakota is that it’s spurring a lot of property development in small communities that, prior to the boom, didn’t have a lot going on. Many worry that, once the oil rush is over, these communities will be littered with empty housing and commercial buildings.


The City Of Williston Seems Intent On Making Housing Problems Worse

Some political leaders in western North Dakota are making a real mess out of the housing problem out there. Population in western communities has grown exponentially and unfortunately housing hasn’t kept up. That has pushed people and companies to look at temporary solutions. First it was the “man camps” (or “crew camps” in the PC


Oil Boom Housing Shortage Sparks Calls For Rent Control

Last year in Minot, a city that at the time was dealing with a housing crunched caused both by the oil boom and epic flooding which destroyed thousands of homes, a member of the city council said he was going to demand rent control from the state legislature. Spiking demand for housing was causing spiking


Shocker: Man Camp Restrictions Have Made Western Housing Worse

“Nationally we are a nation with a glut of laborers in need of a job, and North Dakota has jobs,” I wrote back in March. “Those people are going to move here whether we like it or not. But what the government can do – both state and local – is refrain from making things


“I just object to having a bunch more people out there”

The headline is from a Medora-area resident quoted in this article about local push back against a planned property development, including housing and restaurants, to be built to help serve soaring demand in western North Dakota caused by the oil boom. I think the statement, and the attitude it represents, strikes to the heart of


“North Dakota Needs To Shake The Negativism”

Harold Hamm is the CEO of Continental Resources, the oil company with the largest stake in North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields. And according to Hamm, speaking during an interview with Scott Hennen, North Dakota needs to “shake the negativism” that has begun surrounding the oil boom and some of the challenges it has presented. Toward


Less Red Tape Means More Solutions For Bakken Housing Crunch

Thanks to the Bakken oil boom, tens of thousands of workers have flocked to western North Dakota to live and work. Unfortunately, housing developers haven’t been able to keep up, and there are serious housing and crowding issues. So far, most of the reaction to this problem in terms of public policy has consisted of


Bakken Oil Boom Town Considering Ban On Living In Your Camper

Housing is in short supply in western North Dakota thanks to the oil boom, and that has created some headaches from sky-high rents to many people just flat-out not being able to find a place to live. This has lead to people living out of their campers, or out of “man camps” built by the


Western ND Communities Exacerbate Housing Shortages By Banning Man Camps

It’s hard to find a place to live in western North Dakota according to the Dickinson Press, and Forum Communications’ oil patch reporter Amy Dalrymple has written about her inability to find an apartment to live in out west too. The chances of getting an apartment in Dickinson are slim-to-none, and that’s if people coming