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North Dakota Is Happy, And That’s Why Democrats Can’t Win Here

North Dakota Is Happy, And That’s Why Democrats Can’t Win Here

Bismarck NBC affiliate KFYR released the video above celebrating North Dakota as the happiest state in the union. Which is accurate, if multiple public opinion polls are to be believed. It’s a fun and sometimes irreverent romp through a lot of the things that are great about this state (I laughed out loud at the


North Dakota Democrats Just Don’t Get It: Voters Don’t Want Want Balance For Balance’s Sake

“Silver lining shines within N.D. Dems’ election cloud” That’s the headline over a letter to the editor written by the Democrat leadership in the North Dakota Legislature in which House and Senate Minority Leaders Kenton Onstad and Mac Schneider do their best to spin what was an undeniably ugly election day for North Dakota liberals. For


This Is What May Be Keeping North Dakota Republicans Up At Night

Could North Dakota Republicans become a victim of the state’s success? Let me explain. By any conventional measure, North Dakota Republicans seem set to have another very successful election cycle. They’ve got a huge incumbency advantage. Every single Republican on the statewide ballot is an incumbent (though two of them – Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger


How Did Democrats Become The Party Of The Rich?

“If you brought back either of the Roosevelts—Teddy or Franklin—from the grave, the most astonishing thing they would find is that the “malefactors of great wealth” have become the benefactors of today’s liberalism, and Democrats have become the party of the rich,” writes Steven Hayward in Forbes. To be sure, labor unions (along with trial

In IL, ‘pension reform’ may mean ‘tax increase’

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog SPRINGFIELD —  Illinois does not have a pension problem. Illinois has a tax problem. Those two sentences have long been the mantra for the state’s public employee unions. Now, the idea of Illinois taxing its way out of its worst-in-the-nation pension problem is getting increased attention from lawmakers. The

‘Obamacare’ supporters in NM still upbeat; critics remain skeptical

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW: The Obama administration has delayed by one year implementing a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act. By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog SANTA FE – Statewide reaction to news of the Obama administration delaying a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act was mostly predictable. Supporters still think

No Medicaid expansion, for now, in Pennsylvania

By Gary Joseph Wilson | PA Independent HARRISBURG – Medicaid expansion is stuck in the waiting room. State Senate Republicans thwarted several attempts by Senate Democrats to reinsert Medicaid expansion language into the welfare code, and passed the bill Wednesday on a party line vote. The bill now awaits Gov. Tom Corbett’s signature. Democrats gave