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Senate Approves Keystone XL Pipeline With 62 Votes

Senate Approves Keystone XL Pipeline With 62 Votes

A bi-partisan majority of Senators voted to approve legislation to authorize the long-delayed Keystone pipeline project. All 53 Senate Republicans voted in favor of the bill, along with 9 Democrats (including North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp who voted for final passage of the bill despite playing some partisan games with amendments). So what happens next? The


Kelly Schmidt: Government Should Encourage College Savings, Not Punish It

President Obama’s decision to back down on his plan to end 529 college savings plans is good news.  But middle class families and their elected officials shouldn’t let their guard down. Let’s be honest about what happened and why. As many Americans know, 529 plans allow families to save for their child’s education by putting


James Kerian: Subsidized Preschool And The Ever-Rising Price Of Freedom

In this country you are free to buy an electric car or a more conventional car fueled by gasoline.  The choice is yours and you can make it freely.  Except, of course, that if you choose to buy a conventional automobile you can only do so with the money you have left over after paying


Obama’s Keystone Delays Are Hurting Farmers Too

The Keystone pipeline issue is often seen strictly through the lense of energy policy, but that’s not really accurate. It’s not just “big oil” versus the Obama administration. Given that America’s industrial infrastructure is complex and overlapping, Obama’s political decision to never, ever make a decision on the Keystone pipeline isn’t just hurting the energy


Video: Kevin Cramer Says He Backs Boehner

Rep. Kevin Cramer was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning to talk about his Keystone XL pipeline legislation which he is introducing in the House. That’s an important bill, but not really all that newsy given that we can pretty much assume what’s going to happen. The Republican-controlled Congress is going to pass the legislation,


LegitSlater: We Are Better Than This

In case your TV and smart devices wern’t working Tuesday, I’ll fill you in on the big story — the United States, led by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), set up secret detention facilities and tortured those captured on the battlefield (or what amounted to one) as part of the Global War on Terrorism.  I’m


Democrat Senator: We Made A Mistake With Obamacare

With Democrats finding themselves in the minority in Congress after an election day shellacking earlier this month, suddenly that whole Obamacare thing isn’t looking like such a great idea. Schumer says Democrats “blew the opportunity the American people gave them” in the 2008 elections, a Democratic landslide, by focusing on healthcare reform instead of legislation


James Kerian: Republicans Should Give Thanks For Barack Obama

This Thanksgiving Republicans should give thanks for President Obama.  This man has destroyed a Democrat coalition that looked unstoppable in 2008.  Wonks and gurus from the New York Times and the Ivy League Schools kept assuring us that the “Emerging Democratic Majority” was unstoppable and their favorite trope that “Demographics is Destiny” guaranteed that the


Rod St. Aubyn: New Congress, Same Gridlock

At the federal level we have faced continued gridlock during the past few years.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid famously refused to take up hundreds of House-passed bills, several with bipartisan support.  Senate Republicans were accused of putting up numerous legislative roadblocks to the point where Sen. Reid and his Democrat senators changed the rules


ND Natural Gas Flaring Continues To Fall Hitting 24 Percent In September

The latest report monthly on North Dakota’s oil and gas development is out. The state set a new record for oil production in September at 1,184,635 barrels/day, and a new record for gas production at 1,403,448 MCF/day. But just as importantly, the percentage of gas flared in the state has hit a new low at