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State Officials: No Illegal Immigrants Being Placed In North Dakota So Far

State Officials: No Illegal Immigrants Being Placed In North Dakota So Far

America’s southern border is under siege from a surge of illegal immigrants, particularly children, seeking asylum here. In dealing with that crisis, the Obama administration has taken to placing illegal immigrants in American communities without providing specifics. Officials in Nebraska and Illinois have been dismayed to learn that hundreds of illegals have been placed in


Cold Weather Caused The Economy To Collapse, Whither The Global Warming Now?

According to our friends on the left, the world is on a dangerous warming trend that will end in catastrophe. They tell us that a “scientific consensus” has reached this conclusion, and anyone disagreeing is a “denier” worth of scorn and derision. Just last year National Geographic had on its cover an image of the


After Visit To Indian Country, Did The Obama Administration Just Flip-Flop On Tribal Sovereignty?

When President Barack Obama paid his much-ballyhooed visit to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota – a rare presidential visit to Indian country – tribal sovereignty was a big part of the narrative. The President touted policies like the Violence Against Women Act, which gave tribes the authority to prosecute crimes committed on


On Television: Recapping President Obama’s “Historic” Visit To North Dakota

On my weekly segment on Valley News Live with Chris Berg we recapped President Barack Obama’s visit to North Dakota last week. Berg thought it was ridiculous that President Obama couldn’t get Governor Jack Dalrymple’s name right, but I thought that was a bit of a stretch. As someone who often fumbles pronunciations (even when


Child Welfare Activists Say Obama’s Visit To North Dakota Was “Totally A Photo Op”

During his (very brief) speech to the Native American community in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, last week President Barack Obama made it clear that he considers Native American children a priority. “I understand that the Lakota word for ‘children’ — ‘wakanyeja’ — comes from the word ‘wakan’ — ‘sacred,’” President Obama told the attendees of


“We Don’t Agree On Many Things” Heitkamp Says After Voting With Obama 97% Of The Time

As I predicted, North Dakota Democrats largely kept President Obama at arm’s length while he was in the state. The state Democrat party posted nary a mention of the President’s visit on their official webpage or Twitter account. They didn’t even send out so much as an email blast, limiting their acknowledgement to their party’s

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Obama’s “Historic” Visit To Indian Country Was A Twelve Minute Speech After A One Hour Wait

In advance of President Barack Obama’s visit to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation today much was made of the fact that it would be just the 4th visit to Indian country by a sitting US President (Coolidge, FDR and Clinton all paid visits previously). So, I think many were expecting the President to mark the