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Federal Government Stands In The Way Of Reducing Flaring In North Dakota

Federal Government Stands In The Way Of Reducing Flaring In North Dakota

In the debate surrounding energy development in North Dakota, the state government is often accused of being too lax in its regulation. Ironically, though, when it comes to flaring what is standing in the way of compliance with the state’s tough new flaring regulations – which allow for limits on oil production if gas flaring

Marketplace Fairness Act

After Voting With Him 97 Percent Of The Time, Heitkamp Helps Dems Campaign Against Obama

A couple of weeks ago Jay Cost wrote a column at the Weekly Standard about red state Democrats and their “sneak it past the rubes” tactic. “Under this approach, you pre-sent yourself to your constituents as an independent voice, not in hock to the national Democratic party, so as to get elected,” wrote Cost. “Then

North Dakota Oil Boom

Can You Imagine How Bad Things In America Would Be Without Fracking?

Oil industry innovations like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have opened up entire universes of new energy reserves in the United States. Shale oil and shale gas, previously not reachable, are flowing to market. “The shale revolution has quickly and completely remade America’s energy landscape, leaving us in a much stronger position, both economically and


Remember When Obama And Democrats Were For Constitutional Limits On War Powers?

I started this blog in 2003, at the height of the invasion of Iraq. My earliest years as a political observer were spent watching the political enemies of Republicans and President George W. Bush claim that he was a “war criminal” fighting an “illegal war.” I’ll not re-litigate the case for invading Afghanistan and Iraq


James Kerian: North Dakota Showcases The Power Of Competition

North Dakota’s elected officials like to take credit for our state’s booming economy. Their challengers like to point out that no incumbent every put oil in the ground. Some of North Dakota’s policy makers say that if other states did things our way the country would be in much better shape economically. Others retort that


Fracking May Protect America From Side Effects Of Middle Eastern Turmoil

“As of today it is at least theoretically possible to scenarize a world oil shock at least equal to the so-called ‘Arab oil embargo’ of 1973-74 in terms of oil export supply cuts from several key regions and producer states – Russia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and possibly the GCC Arab Gulf exporters,” reports oil


North Dakota Officials Not Told About Illegal Immigrant Placements In The State

If you’re on Democrat email lists your inbox has probably been about as flooded as mine has with dozens and dozens of email pitches for fundraising, a reaction to the House Republican lawsuit (and Republicans, supposedly, pushing to impeach President Obama). Yesterday alone I received 25 fundraising emails about impeachment and Boehner’s lawsuit. We’ve also


Obama Wants To Punish Corporations For Behaving Rationally

President Obama says he wants to act on so-called “inversion deals” that have American corporations moving their domiciles to overseas tax havens through the acquisition of a foreign company. Nine inversion deals have been agreed to this year by companies ranging from banana distributor Chiquita Brands International Inc to drugmaker AbbVie Inc and more are


State Officials: No Illegal Immigrants Being Placed In North Dakota So Far

America’s southern border is under siege from a surge of illegal immigrants, particularly children, seeking asylum here. In dealing with that crisis, the Obama administration has taken to placing illegal immigrants in American communities without providing specifics. Officials in Nebraska and Illinois have been dismayed to learn that hundreds of illegals have been placed in