Sorry For The Down Time


Starting early this morning, most of you were getting a message from SAB’s domain registrar saying that the domain had expired. That would be my fault.

You see, my registrar sends me a lot of spam. And I had kind of taken to filtering it out, because I get a lot of email in general. Unfortunately, my filtering also managed to catch several urgent emails warning me that it was time to renew my domain.

I found them all early this morning, in my spam folder, as many of you readers emailed to say that SAB was down (and, in some cases, give me your thoughts on which political interest conspired to take SAB down).

It was no conspiracy. Simply a dumb blogger not being as diligent as he should have been in ensuring the domain registration was kept up to date.

The domain just resolved again for me, finally giving me access so I could let you all know what happened. Sorry about that!

But thanks to all of you who emailed to say something was wrong.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled blogging and name-calling.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Roy_Bean

    It was awful, I woke up with snow and cold outside, went to my computer and I couldn’t even SayAnything.

    • Rob


      • ellinas1

        Damn! I missed my chance. ;-)

  • slapdick

    It was a near tragedy for those of us pitiful creatures who do not have lives.

    • Rob

      Tell me about it. I’m in that group. After I renewed the registration, I couldn’t get on the blog. So I went out and shoveled my driveway so that i would be doing something more productive than refreshing my browser waiting for it to load.

  • Dave


    Stupid question, because I am ignorant about domain names and such, but could someone have bought your domain name if you had not caught it in time? It looked like Go Daddy! or whatever was putting it up for sale for $70. Or does the prior holder have first dibs if someone tries to buy it up?

    I was wondering if that might have been hugely detrimental for you because of all the work and credibility that you’ve built up to this point.


    • Rob

      That was a possibility, yes, and I wouldn’t have been in a very good position to get it back.

      • Dave

        Whew! Thanks for catching it in time. Although, in hindsight, wonder how much you would have been willing to buy it back from me, had I been more savvy (shady) and snatched it up? ( ;

        • Rob

          Well, the question is how much is SAB’s domain worth? The blog gets a lot of traffic, enough for me to make my living from it, and that has value. But does it have value if I’m not creating content on the domain?

          Losing the domain would have been a big hurt to me. It takes time to build up a brand. But i’m not sure how much value SAB would have to anyone else. Unless they just see the value in hurting me, which I’m afraid would probably describe the motives of a lot of people.

          • Dave

            True. I don’t think I would have wanted the media attention in the state that would have come along with such a move. I am sure the N.D. media dogs (which, admittedly, I am a former member of) would have been in full frenzy if the domain would have been lost that way.

          • Rob

            I’d be surprised if they would have cared.

            I think they’d rather I go away. ;-)

          • Kevin Flanagan

            Isn’t there a fairly long grace period to renew?

      • slapdick

        It crossed my mind to secure the name from godaddy and then have you buy me a beer to get it back.

        • Rob

          Ha! I would have deserved that.

        • Dave

          You’re a cheap date. LOL!

          • slapdick

            Yeah, I suppose so. I just thought it would be interesting to meet Rob and talk some crap over a beer. But not for a date. (ha!)

          • mickey_moussaoui

            Did you tell Rob that the beer he would have to buy you would have to be in Munich, Germany and would have to include round trip air fair and lodging for a week.

          • Rob

            I always like meeting readers. I’ll be in Bismarck at the Converge on the Capitol even ton Monday, if you’re in that part of the state.

            But not open for dating. I’m happily married. ;-)

  • guest

    hanni, Rob’s pet troll probably went over the edge without anyone able to pay any attention to him. Hopefully he threw himself off a cliff into the sea to end his miserable existence.

  • borborygmi

    Double Face Palm