Senate Approves Bill To Expand Sale Of Fireworks In North Dakota

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It got overshadowed by the abortion bills considered in the House, but in the Senate yesterday HB1259 introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson was debated and passed on a narrow 24-23 vote.

This wasn’t the bottle rocket ban – that’s HB1257. Rather, HB1259 expands the dates on which fireworks can be sold. Under current law fireworks can only be sold from June 27th through July 5th. The legislation, if signed by the governor, would add December 26th through January 1st to those dates, presumably so that people may celebrate the New Year with fireworks as well.

Here’s video of the floor debate:

One of the concerns brought up by Senator Dick Dever during the floor debate was the prospect of temporary fireworks stands heating their tents and sheds full of fireworks with portable heaters. That’s an obvious concern, but an argument for allowing the sale of fireworks year-round I think.

If the market for fireworks wasn’t restricted to mere days per year, more fireworks dealers might be able to sell out of more permanent and safer structures.

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  • Matthew Hawkins

    If fireworks are safe to sell for one month than they should be safe to sell year round.

    Whether there is a market year round is a different matter.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Whether there is a market year round is a different matter.

      Then let the free market determine who sinks and who swims, the market can determine if year-round sales is feasible. There is absolutely no good reason a bunch of busybody bureaucrats should deign what the “selling season” should be.

  • Brent

    Has Sen. Dever ever deferred to freedom, though? It seems he always knows best how everyone else should live… And is full of too clever by half arguments to support his nonsense

  • camsaure

    Heavens! I hope they include funding to have “under cover bottle rocket” cops to catch any potential bottle rocket smugglers. (sarc)

    • devilschild

      It might be a good use for drones. The could shoot the bottle rockets into oblivion therefore preventing any potential danger on the ground.

  • ec99

    I find it somewhat humorous that these dildoes believe we’re mature enough to vote for them, and then they go toodling of to Bismarck and enact nanny-state laws as if we were children.