Respondents To Dickinson State University Survey Ask Questions University Officials Don’t Want To Answer

New Dickinson State University President D.C. Coston at February 10, 2012 press conference

In a blatant bit of holiday news dumping, the officials at Dickinson State University gave up on a fight to keep a section of a recent campus quality survey dedicated to written comments hidden from the public. Previously only a redacted copy was given to the media as university officials hid behind their lawyers, but now the full report has finally been made public.

You can read parts 1 – 4 of the survey here, here, here and here, but it was section 5 of the survey that was the most controversial in that it contained less-than-flattering comments about many of the university’s officials.

You can read all of the comments below, but let summarize by noting a specific theme. There is concern among DSU administrators that the university is slipping back into the “bad old days” under previous university President Richard McCallum. And that might be understandable given that another oft-mentioned concern is that many of the officials involved in the rampant diploma fraud at Dickinson State are still working at the university.

Frustration with that last is understandable. The DSU scandal saw fraudulent students getting fraudulent diplomas based on fraudulent grades. How is it that nobody has been charged criminally for that fraud? In this state you can be arrested for forging a signature on a check, or handing out fake currency, and handing out fake grades and diplomas doesn’t warrant criminal prosecution?

It’s a joke, and if North Dakota’s leaders (up to and including Governor Jack Dalrymple) had any integrity they’d be on their bully pulpits demanding action. Instead, it seems they all just want to sweep the problems under the rug and move on as quickly as possible.

DSU Campus Quality Survey, Comments

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  • Captornado

    “Rent is to damn high!”

  • guest

    Many concerns in the campus quality survey surround Dickinson State University’s HR director Gail Ebeltoft. Remember she was found in Richard McCallum’s office the night before he was to return his laptop and keys to Bill Goetz. The incident report shows that the group may have been carrying what appeared to be papers.

    Notice in the international student audit that documents involving international students were missing, see page 12 of this document as an example

    I wonder if a report exists, as Bill Goetz said there was, about the president’s office incident and if so what’s in it?

    The Judge in Richard McCallum’s termination hearing also ripped Ms. Ebeltoft, see page 20 of this document as an example

    Something smells here.

    • Jonesy

      Documents involving international students were missing because they never existed, that’s why the awarding of degrees to said students was such a problem. Although there are certainly issues with HR (Gail Ebeltoft) that should be addressed, you’re drawing a connection that is misleading and untrue regarding Gail and the missing international student documents, which certainly wouldn’t have been maintained in the President’s office.

      • guest

        Interesting. Very interesting. So what would Gail Ebeltoft, her husband Paul (who is a powerful politically connected lawyer in Dickinson who once served on the State Board of Higher Education) and Todd Hauf have been doing in President McCallum’s office that night? Didn’t Gail and Todd work under Alvin Binstock (Dickinson State University’s Vice President of Business Affairs who was repeatedly called out in the State Auditor’s performance audit of Dickinsin State for financial wrong doing)? Even more reason North Dakota media should be following up with the university system office about that “report” Bill Goetz said was being put together in his August 2011 KFYR TV interview.
        Does such a report actually exist? If so what is in it? What were these people doing in McCallum’s office the night before he had to turn in his keys and computer to Bill Goetz? In the incident report Officer Arley Berg said at 7:35 pm on Sunday August 7, 2011 ‘While checking May Hall, I saw lights on and heard voices coming from the President’s office. I had been informed Dr. McCallum wasn’t supposed to be in his office so I called Hal Haynes. While waiting for Hal, Gail and Paul Ebeltoft and Todd Hauf exited the office. THEY GAVE NO EXPLANATION WHY THEY WERE THERE. I informed Gail that I was aware Dr. McCallum wasn’t supposed to be in the office and that I would be in in the A.M. in case he did come in. Gail said that he wouldn’t be in and that he shouldn’t be led away in handcuffs and treated like a criminal for covering up for other employees. At that, they departed the building. After I left the building, Brian Kopp drove up and asked if I had seen Gail. I said they had just left. He said he’d had a message from her asking for help removing a computer from a docking station in the President’s office. I told him that Todd had been with her and had probably taken care of it. He then left also.’

        • Guest

          Alvin Binstock was never called out on wrong doing, plus his job was to recommend the president always made the last decision! Get your facts straight!!!

          • Guest

            Alvin Binstock worked in that office for 38 yrs. He worked under many presidents. He has more integrity than all of you put together! When you don’t know who or what you are talking about you should look into what you are saying. I hope you know financial audits are done all the time! He never misused funds in any way and did the jobs of 3or 4 to save the university money! LOOK INTO THAT!!

          • guest

            Even more reason state auditors should have kept digging into prior Dickinson State administrations instead of stopping where they did with Vickers. You have already proven yourself to be completely unintelligent so I will not address the other jibberish spewing out of your mouth. Good night looneytoon!

          • guest

            Get your head on straight you looneytoon! Al Carlson called Alvin Binstock out here

          • Guest

            You don’t know what you are talking about nor did Al Carlson. If you read the audit Alvin Binstock did nothing wrong ,so don’t assume it. Do you know him? Because no one was there to explain to Al Carlson his assumptions were bullshit! Just what did he do wrong? No one corrected Al Carlson when he made wrong assumptions. The chancellor and the systems office could have but didn’t. You also don’t know that the computer was taken out of the Presidents office because Bill Goertz ordered it be taken!!!!!

          • guest

            There is no question that Todd Hauf, Gail and Paul Ebeltoft were in a secured president’s office on a Sunday night. Why were they in there? Furthermore if Bill Goetz ordered them in there, why?

          • Guest

            There is no question they were there! He wanted the computer! You will have to ask him why, or ask the NDUS office, they should know!

          • Guest

            Because Al Carlson says Mr. Binstock’s name is all over it, that calls Mr. Binstock and Mr. Lowe out. Very funny, it is a financial audit, they are the VP and Controller!!! Dah!!!! You did not listen, financial audits are done by the state auditors all the time!!!!!!

  • cylde

    They are highly educated intellectuals and you are a bunch of stupid hayseeds so shut up and go away. My paraphrase.

  • Roy_Bean

    Here you go again, distracting the governor.