Republicans Don’t Have A Gender Problem, They Have A Race Problem

protests in ATL

Mark Perry takes a look at some of the demographic breakdowns from the 2012 presidential election and finds some interesting results. Despite the “war on women” narrative, Romney actually beat Obama among white women by 16 points.

The problem is that, overall, Romney lost women by 11 points.


The take-away from these numbers is that Romney’s problem, and perhaps the problem all Republicans have nationally, isn’t a gender problem. It’s a race problem. Romney had the white vote sewn up, from both men and women. What he didn’t have was majority support from any other racial demographic.

Conservatives often laugh off the incessant drumbeat of “racism” coming from the left, especially when some of those accusations reach the altitudes of the absurd. Much like with global warming, it often seems as though there is nothing the left can’t blame on racism.

But as silly as those accusations may seem to conservatives, they seem to be working. Democrats are doing a very good job, nationally, of portraying Republicans as uncaring plutocrats intent on keeping non-whites down.

The question for conservatives is how do we prove that claim untrue? And not only that, how do we show that free markets and limited government is what’s best for everyone regardless of skin color?

That’s a tough row to hoe. Conservatism works with people who want to free and self-reliant. I sometimes wonder if that accurately describes most Americans today. Which isn’t to say that most Americans are lay-abouts looking for handouts. Just that most Americans have bought in, heavily, to the idea that government and not individual achievement drives national prosperity.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Matthew Hawkins

    What this might mean is that people identify more with race than they do with gender.

    But to assume that because white women supported Romney more than they supported Obama that the GOP doesn’t have a gender problem assumes that white people are unaffected by race issues.

    I would surmise that the GOP has both a gender and a race issue, though the race issue may be more detrimental.

    • camsaure

      Gee, thanks for the insight, now we know what the children think also.

  • PK

    Pointing out that most conservatives don’t want half of black babies to be murdered in the womb would be a start.

  • Neiman

    There is much, much less racism within the GOP than the Democrat Party, the Democrats are the worst sort of racists. The problem is now, has always been and may always be that Republicans absolutely refuse to learn how to communicate their message better, they refuse to be proactive on issues of the day – to lead rather than react, they refuse to talk in human terms about how conservatism is best for all races, they refuse to consider issues on a racial basis, how they impact people of color. They speak in hard-assed terms about immigration, because quite frankly and honestly, they believe our national sovereignty is critical, so they rage about a border fence and punishing people that came here illegally and even though in most cases they are right and liberal policies are wrong, they refuse to understand how their tone and words strike fear in the hearts of Hispanic voters, who then turn against the GOP, even though on family moral/values and economic issues they mostly agree with the GOP. It is a communications problem and the GOP refuses to learn.

    They lost most black voters the same way, instead of showing them a positive way out of poverty the GOP rages about food stamps and welfare. Instead of reaching out to black voters through promoting successful blacks to the front of the party line and learning from them how to reach blacks, they seem insensitive still and uncaring. It is a communications problem and the GOP refuses to learn.

    People like Rob want us to change our values – to surrender them, because they too refuse to change, they refuse to learn how to communicate better. Being right on the issues is a loser unless they can craft their message, honestly, to appeal to voters of color. The same with women, we have great women in the GOP, but the men, mostly white men are unable to learn from them how women think about the issues and honestly, but effectively, recrafting their message to reach women. Most women agree with family value, moral values issues and the GOP economic policies – they hate the message, they hate the anti-women feeling to their messages. Rather than learning from women, the GOP refuses to change their communication skills. It is a communications problem and the GOP refuses to learn.

    The GOP must stay truly conservative in all their values, being faithful to their own values – they are better for everyone in America and not cave in to liberalism; but, they really need, ALL of them, to resolve to learn better communication skills and start leading on all issues critical to women and minorities of every stripe/color, as a man that only reacts is a loser, as is the the man that refuses to learn.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Democrats have the “race” problem. Minorities “hate” white people and that’s the problem. Democrats keep their blacks on the plantation and their browns in the fields with a few token handouts and class war rhetoric.

    • Mike Adamson

      Not very self aware are you mickey!

      • two_amber_lamps

        Identity politics are for suckers…. and the libs have plenty of suckers in their camp.

        • Mike Adamson

          IP sucks but truth is truth.

          • two_amber_lamps

            Yes, adapt your lies to appeal to individual ethnic/racial groups to bind yourself together an uneasy coalition bound together by liberal fascism. I guess if that’s your idea of truth….

          • mickey_moussaoui

            truth is truth…liberals lie

      • mickey_moussaoui

        Au contraire you phony plastic bastard. I am very aware of the game you libs play on minorities. There are no shortage of gullable people for you Democrats to manipulate. You play the hate game with the skill of satan himself. It was Republicans that freed the slaves and it was Republicans that voted 2 to 1 against democrats for cival rights. Nothing has changed. YOU libs are the ones killing the minorities slowly

        • Mike Adamson

          Whatever gets you through the night mick. The view that society is more than the aggregate of its individual members,that we have an obligation to help those less fortunate and that we all benefit when everybody enjoys a minimum standard of living seems to be winning out again after a bit of a setback beginning in the Reagan years. I understand your disappointment but you can’t win them all.

          • awfulorv

            Excuse me, how do we all benefit when those workers, who are struggling to care for their own families, are obliged to, by the heavy hand of the state, also carry the weight of a good sized segment of society. A group of citizens which appear to be perfectly suited, and capable of performing physical labor, but are, apparently, disinclined to do so?

      • mickey_moussaoui

        State overseers reward single women with welfare benefits for every child they bear, so long as no father is in the home. Douglass warned, “Make a man a slave, and you rob him of moral responsibility. Freedom of choice is the essence of all accountability.” (Frederick Douglass, My Bondage and My Freedom: Part I — Life as a Slave, pg. 149)

  • Mike Adamson

    Interesting numbers. It could be that non-whites view the small government message as calling for a return to the days when racism really was an impediment to non-white health and prosperity. It’s hard to accept the conservative point of view when history shows that it doesn’t work very well for those of the wrong colour,religion,etc.

  • WOOF

    When the GOP communicates its values , it loses women

    Legitimate rape, gift from God, opposition to contraception.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      you bathe in the blood of 55 million dead babies woof. savor the taste ghoul. Your “great society” has kept millions of blacks from achieving equality. Meanwhile you place 70% of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. Is that your example of liberal compassion? I suspect you think it is.

      • flamemeister

        How is GOOF going to explain that fork stuck in him?

    • jl

      No, just low-information women.

  • sbark

    Polls also state Immgtn reform/ Amnesty is a relativly minor issue with Hispanic voters…………..
    They are voting for Santa Obama and his free stuff………….there is a reason our Founding Fathers repeatedly stated we have a Representative Republic until people find out they can vote themselves money.
    ………..and here we are………30% want direct free stuff, and to make 53%……..another 23% want to give them free stuff in exchange for votes which equates to power, control and money via corruption.

  • ‘Tom Crawford

    It is really too bad the right has let the left allow this to become about identity politics. It should not matter on race or gender – it should matter on how you act. If you have bad apples they should be removed, and I see the right do this for the most part, but then the left circle the wagons and keep the problems there.

    It irritates me to see the left pit white vs black, white vs brown, rich vs middle class, rich vs poor…..when you repeat lies enough times people begin to think it is the truth because they will not take the time to look the answers up themselves. Facebook is a good example of this, I see people post fake stories and when I look them up on say snopes, and let them know, its….well they may not have said it but its a good sentiment anyways. It doesn’t matter they were fed a lie, all that matters is it sounds good to them.

    I think in a way that is how things are today. No one wants to do the leg work to see if what is being said on TV, Radio, the Internet is the truth or not. I believe in a way, the term “low information voters” is just that, they will take what is fed to them because they do not have the time, or the want to find out the truth.

    As a side note, I personally would love to remove every politician from office, bar them from going back into politics and start with fresh blood that has not been corrupted by years of politics and infighting. I am sick of the whole lot of them.

  • LibsSuckAndSoDoYou

    The oppressed well become the oppressors. Minority groups will be the majority soon. Affirmative action and other minority programs will stay in place to benefit non whites and whites will be the oppressed.

    Similar to how our Christian ancestors came to this country to escape religious persecution. Now, the Christians attempt to oppress and control others by pushing through policies steeped in their religion.

    If republicans want to be relevant, they should quit following the hypocrisy of the left and prove that they actually believe in small government and liberty.

    • flamemeister

      It seems likely that Hispanics will eventually become the largest ethnic group. They will not have the burden of guilt over slavery and discrimination. They will enter politics in large numbers. They will become more and more conservative for various reasons. They will not be very accommodating. The black race-baiters better get it while they can.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    When 95% of one race vote for a candidate (sometimes twice in one election) that is clear racism. Especially when this particular race consider they to be highly
    religious yet their candidate is very pro late term abortion and wants to force
    Catholics to pay for it. This speaks volumes about the ethics and hypocrisy of
    the democrat party. Considering the smear campaign that Obama lead against Romney it is very clear who the racists are. I’ll credit obama with one thing. He has exposed the Democrat base for who and what they are.

  • Lynn Bergman

    I will be listening intently to Marco Rubio for his state of the union rebuttal. Herman Cain turned out to be a licentious (as opposed to trustworthy) conservative… very unfortunate for freedom and free markets. Hopefully Rubio’s character will survive similar scrutiny… and hopefully Rubio is a selfless (as opposed to selfish) conservative.
    The most effective way for conservatives to permanently eliminate the racist stereotype is to insure that the next Republican candidate is a “selfless conservative” and a minority. Reagan’s three essential conservative elements toward victory still apply. Fiscal, foreign policy, and social. Those who believe we must focus 100% on fiscal are grossly mistaken.