Poll: 17% Of Marines Say They’ll Leave Service If Women Participate In Combat


I’m actually surprised the number isn’t higher:

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A Marine Corps survey shows 17 percent of male Marine respondents say they would likely leave the Corps if women move into combat positions.

The survey says that number jumps to 22 percent if women are assigned involuntarily to those jobs.

Results of the survey of 53,000 Marines were released to The Associated Press on Friday.

The survey was conducted last summer and the results were given to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta before he opened thousands of combat jobs to female service members last week.

What is no doubt worrying these Marines are concerns on how this policy will be implemented. Will women have to meet the same training and combat readiness requirements as the men do, or will those policies be manipulated to reach some specific outcome to satisfy certain political agendas?

That’s a valid concern, especially for those who serve on the front lines in very dangerous situations. They want the person next to them, who they rely on, to be there because they’re the best not because they’re fulfilling some political desire for a more diverse military.

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  • Matthew Hawkins

    Fucking cowards!!!

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Wow. Seriously Matthew, grow up.

    • PK

      How can you call someone a coward for something they haven’t even done yet? Can someone be considered a coward for what they think they might do?

    • opinion8ed

      put your real name down so they knew who you are, i am sure they would have a dfew examples they could show that proves you are the coward

    • sbark

      The Left showing their contempt for the entire military once again on full display.

      • noblindersonme

        Oh go to hell sbark ( and if matthew can get away his profanity ?).
        sbark- that old **** crap about ‘the left showing their comtempt for the military’ yadda yadda went out about 2 decades ago , just because you continue to whine and repeat that don’t make it applicable TODAY!!!! Even in the last election it was PROVEN the ‘Left ‘, as you so stupidly continue to put it , showed a greater record of support and accomplishment than the right could muster . From Obama’s continuence on the same path of the previous admin.which ultimately resulted in the capture of Bin Laden ( and of which phony American, port, pooh poohed as ‘no big deal! Anybody coulda done it!) to outrageous neocons idiots like rightie Joe Wilson of Illinois who mocked war hero Tammy Duckworth ( loss of two legs in Iraq) . According to the CONTEMPTABLE Wilson , ‘true’ miltary heros ‘don’t brag ( all Tammy did was put it in her impressive resume!) about their war stories al the time’ ! F*c* Wilson! who only took that attack mode on the Democrat because he couldn’t stomach a democrat being of far sterner stuff than his phony fake version of his imagination ! Wilson got trounced in the election !
        Which by the way asshat, port, is of greater importance than a POLL! Aint that always what you say when a poll aint in your favor. “Polls are only good for strippers and x-country skiers!” -Sarah ‘ I can see Russia from my house ” Palin . Interesting that I just read where one neocon writer was pushing for Palin in 2016 , because since her son is in Iraq, that would give her superior military cred among the republicans !!
        Let’s see – actual boots on the ground, blood left in the soil – Kerry, Hagel, Duckworth , Cleland , Webb etc etc is inferior to the republican mother who reads her son’s mail from Iraq!!( now I AINT mocking republican mother’s who do have sons OR DAUGHTERS in Iraq God Bless them!) but I am mocking the paper patriots (here) who want to spin their liberal = hippies bullsh*t!
        Can I add Ann Coulter’s insulting of Max Cleland’s Viet Nam war record! 2 legs and one arm left in Viet Nam by Cleland and the bitch Coulter mocked him for it! Was THAT CONTEMPT OK with YOU SBARK!!!

        • sbark

          Why didnt you leftists just annoint Hannoi Jane Fonda or Cindy Sheehan as the new Sect of State——John Kerry was just as vocal in accusing our troops of being murderers and rapists and terrorists. You can add in Harry Reid, Durbin and Murtha derogatory remarks about our Military during the peak of the Iraq war.

          The Left attempts to prevent and discourage votes from the military every chance they can, There are reports of ballots being late to the bases, ballots lost, ballots still on a plane over the Atlantic—there is a war on the military vote by the left every election.
          You crow about Obama staying “the course ” in Afghan………but with rules of engagement that bascially makes them walk around with their hands tied behind their backs. The left prefers to set the military up for failure every chance they can get or just use them as a Meals on Wheels program.

          The Left attempts at every fiscal crisis they created to gut the military further and further……forever wanting to keep their precisous vote buying welfare state entittlements for their low information free stuff voters.
          Your supposed Palin quote never happened…….you are quoting Sat Night Lives Tina Fey spoof of Palin……..talk about a low information citizen
          It is simply a fact that Max Cleland was not injured by enemy fire in Vietnam. He was not in combat, he was not — as Al Hunt claimed — on a reconnaissance mission, and he was not in the battle of Khe Sanh, as many others have implied. He picked up an American grenade on a routine noncombat mission and the grenade
          exploded…..the left simply wants to make a myth up about him.
          The Left hates the military because its a predominalty right wing voting bloc……….if the illegal immagrants voted GOP—every inch of the Mexican border wouild be guarded with Fast and Furous guns 10 yrs ago.

        • two_amber_lamps

          Yip, yip, yipyip, yip! Yip, yip yip, yip!! Grrrrrrrrr!


    • Neiman

      When you call Marines cowards, it is because you do not understand the Marines, war and combat. You would not last a day in the Corps.,

      • Matthew Hawkins

        i understand marines fine i served with them They are naval infantry They are generally well disciplined but think they are better than they actually are They aren’t special forces

        Give me a cav unit any day.

        Somebody who would give up service to their country over this is a coward and isn’t fit to serve

        • Neiman

          I am a former serving Marine, as is two of my grandsons and I would advise them that there no longer is a Marine Corps, it has been turned pink by gays and now sissified by liberal femanazis.

          • Matthew Hawkins

            From now on i will call you a former marine

          • Neiman

            There are no former Marines, only former serving Marines, we remain Marines until we die. We are the Corps and wherever we go, we have other Marines to cover our backs. It is something you cannot possibly understand.

          • Matthew Hawkins

            You just called yourself one.

          • Neiman

            No, I did not, a “former Marine” is no longer a Marine, a “former serving Marine” is still a Marine, just not on active duty. Try a remedial reading course.

          • noblindersonme

            Neiman – you would be better respected here if you would be so stupid to borrow your ‘talking points ‘ from a chicken sh*t like Rush Limbaugh who coined that fema nazi BS . Aint you got the sense enough to parrot the phony BS Rush has pumped into the shallow right’s mind! Or do you rather use him as a historical source ( Rush essentially was a draft dodger , when his opportunity came to put his ass on the line and prove his ‘love’ of country Rush found out he had a pimple on his ass ( a fact) and parlayed that into a deferment for his entire youth! while guys like me were drafted and DID serve and are wrecks of human beings today because of that damn war!)

    • RCND

      Go look a Marine, male or female, in the eyeball and say that. Lets see who the coward is

    • two_amber_lamps

      To borrow a line from a movie….

      Have you ever spent time in an infantry unit, son?

      Ever served in a forward area?

      Ever put your life in another man’s hands, ask him to put his life in yours?

      If no… perhaps you should STFU before you start bandying about ad hominem attacks on subjects you haven’t the slightest clue about.

      This social engineering path you and your leftist apparatchiks are embarking on is certain to GET OUR SOLDIERS KILLED.

      • Matthew Hawkins

        While my branch wasn’t infantry, i have served time in an infantry unit in a forward area.

        Have you?

        i love the way you like to quote the villain.

        • two_amber_lamps

          So you were or WERE NOT leg infantry?

          As a matter of fact I have, and if you actually have the experience you claim, you should understand what the repercussions of placing females in a FOA….

          Or are you merely letting leftist dogma cloud sound logic?

          Thousands of years of military doctrine don’t go by the wayside in light of prog-tard social justice sensibilities.

          • Matthew Hawkins

            The army had different plans for me. I was not allowed to be infantry or my first choice of sapper.

            I have reservations about women in infantry units.

            But quitters are cowards.

          • two_amber_lamps

            But quitters are cowards.

            Bull #$it, that’s not a fair assessment… based on the very military decision-making process you claim to espouse.

            If in the course of ops planning it is determined that a variable causes an undue amount of risk, the variable must either be mitigated or the mission may well be scrapped.

            There’s nothing cowardly about calculating risk factors and determining the risk induced isn’t acceptable. Its logic.

            Military risk assessment 101.

            And this process is not thrown to the wayside based on prog-tard social justice dogma. That kind of blatant agenda will get our people KILLED.

          • Neiman

            So, if the military were taken over by the Nazi Party, I guess you would advise German soldiers that to quit the military was cowardice, they should stay in, kill Jews, obey orders and shove those Jews in the ovens and shut the hell up up? Is that what you are saying?

          • Matthew Hawkins

            False equivalence. Nobody is asking them to commit genocide.

          • Neiman

            No, the point is that just to stop serving after their enlistment is not an act of cowardice, I gave you, a simpleton, a drastic example to make that point. Turning the Corps into your liberal, politically correct, Feminazi, gay Corps makes it no longer the Marine Corps, but some FUBAR thing Obama, a man that never served his country in uniform perverted the Corps, because he hates the military, knowing he is a coward that never risked his life for anyone, let alone his country.

        • RCND

          What was your MOS, and in what capacity did you serve with an infantry unit in a forward area?

        • Neiman

          Yes I have!

      • noblindersonme

        To borrow a line from those movies? I thought Hollywood was the ultimate villianous boogeyland that is sole source of all that is evil today ? yet you quote some wonderful dialogue from that source , Rob Reiner’s – one of the right’s boogeymen- ” A Few Good Men” , to make a ‘conservative point!!! What is it ? Hollywood is a factory of filth , except when it isn’t!
        btw lets take those righteous words made so wonderfully dramatic by Col Jessup .
        You conservatives were oh so willing to put in the highest level, ‘Commander In Chief”, Romney and Ryan , and you guys hardly ever mentioned or thought it was worthy to debate about their total lack of military service! In fact the last election had the distinction of being the first election in our nation’s history of having the four candidates with ZERO experience ( in uniform). Of course here the fact that the republicans were more than willing to put the defense of our country in the hands of neophytes will be spun into the attacking Obama . Yeah attack Obama , but lets not worry if we give the keys to whole miiltary complex to Mitt Romney! ( even Biden who sat Senate Foreign Relations for a decade or two had far more cred than Romney Ryan!
        not only did Mitt not serve in the forward line, he didn’t even go through a single day in boot camp! What would Jessup think of MITT?

        • noblindersonme

          Now wait for the SABers to pounce on me , they will defend their choice of Romney by loading up on their anti Obama stuff – so what if Mitt was not quaified ! I still hate Obama! So what if Mitt was ridiculed when he went on his foreign excursions last summer , by the foriegn governments!!! I still hate Obama! yadda yadda
          Oh Benghazi Benghazi !!! See what happens when you let a F*c**** democrat in charge!!!
          Oh btw when republican Reagan was in charge ., 250 MARINES died in their barracks , MARINES- got that neiman ! and the Reagan administration basically did nothing in response ! How would the neocons phrase that today if 250 marines died in an attack today and Obama did what Reagan did !!!
          Thank God some of the sh*theads here arn’t in the oval office and don’t have to face these crisis like Kennedy Eisenhower Reagan Carter Bush etc etc did ! Oh so easy from your armchairs!

          • two_amber_lamps

            Replying to yourself… Is that a common conversation in your household?

            There might be medication you can take for that…..

          • noblindersome

            Then I will reply to you directly smart *ss!

            have you a comment or not about the facts I related . Did 250 marines die in Lebanon or not?
            Is the medication you take of the type that wipes your memory clean?
            I ask you directly 2darklamps! Did you support Romney in the last election ? And does he pass muster in your Hollywood Jessup test?
            You flung out those tough words to damn Obama with ( the leftist apparatchicks -what the hell ever that means)
            May I refer you to a August 21 2012 press conference where he discussed his US military involvement and after he recited his well rehearsed scripted ‘tough’ verse , He was asked by a young guy why after getting 4 deferments from Viet Nam , why todays vets would .. respect him .. when he would not make the sacrifice etc.
            Check out Romney’s answer ! He said ” Viet Nam came ay a time when I had other plans! … I did what I could to make sure I was around when my country really needed me! … my father did not want me serving . he said ” I was too important to go to Viet Nam !!!!’ I had greater purpose in life !!!’
            To which a Viet Nam vet was heard to yell from the crowd ‘F*** you etc and Mitt replied ‘don’t be testy my friend , I did what I did for you’ and he was quickly ushered away so the situation would not get out of hand!
            how does that grab you ? Mr ‘etch a sketch ‘ as Commander in chief?
            WHY do so many of you phony neocon types take that’ I was too important to go serve!!!’
            Rush Hannity Newt Donald port hennen Mitt not a day served among the whole lot , gee it musta been nice to be that important !

          • two_amber_lamps

            Yip yip yip!! Just like a chihuahua strung out on methamphetamines…

            If there was a point to your mewling BDS-induced pro-libtard screed perhaps I could engage you in conversation. But seeing the spittle streaming from the corner of your lip, your eyes rolled in the back of your head and gnashing of little liberal teeth lead me to believe you’re quite beyond sanity. Meds are probably of little use in a case like yours… most likely requiring intensive electroshock therapy or perhaps a pre-frontal lobe lobotomy.

            Scratch the second… leftists come pre-loaded with lobatomization as standard equipment. Never mind…. lol!

            Well, good luck with those ranting spells bordering on epileptic seizures… hope you get better!


          • mickey_moussaoui

            Did you serve, tough guy? Or are you a typical mouthy lib?

        • two_amber_lamps
  • ShortAndBald

    Not sure what the big worry is – – GI Jane showed that women can handle combat situations just fine. Hollywood told me so!

  • BismarckBigfoot

    I suppose the marines will have to lug around a huge porta potty with em to the front lines now too.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Must also include a bidet….

  • opinion8ed

    To be selected to a higher staure in the Marines you must have been in combat and without allowing women to serve than they can make rank. The Marines are one tough ass group of guys who are the best line in the sand for defense and if they feel that women will be a distraction then rid them… Every single aspect of life does not have to be fair.. this is about americas finest not about political correctness. Ladies have your day but make the standards set forth.

  • Hellboy

    Isn’t it interesting that the same people that are pushing for women to be on the front lines in combat carrying those dreaded assault weapons, defending our Country and it’s interests, are the same ones that would take away her right to defend herself in her own home with a gun. How does that compute?????

    • sbark

      excellent point. And these are the same people that will crap their pants when women have to start registering for the selective service draft also…….it’ll blow their minds…..and it will happen.

    • two_amber_lamps

      It doesn’t compute… nor is it supposed to. Leftist dogma is rife with contradiction… aka cognitive dissonance.

      That is why liberalism is in fact a mental disorder.

  • 11B40


    Me, I willing to wager that not one of the 17%-ers is a general officer.

    On the other hand, the Marines do have the lowest percentage of female members of all the armed services, so they may be sneaky smart about dealing with the impulses of craven politicians.

    Has our Pied Piping President turned Semper Fi into Semper Fly ???

  • banjo kid

    That is probably the 17% that are on the front lines doing all the fighting .

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Hell, some women can be real bitch’s at work. That wont work in a combat situation. I still think this will create more incidential rape situations which will just destroy the cohesive nature of any unit.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Men often settle arguments with a fist fight. It’s certainly not uncommon in the service. If these women are in a unit and they do something to cause a heated argument I have to assume it is okay for the guy to kick her ass. Afterall, she’s one of the boys now.
    Only in the movies are the women heros as tough and hard ass as the men. This is the real world. Infantry combat isn’t for everyone. Many men couldn’t even cut it.