Obama Administration Backs Away From Promise For 1 Million Electric Cars On The Road

Barack Obama

During his 2011 State of the Union address, President invoked the history of Apollo moon missions in setting a goal to get 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

Now, just two years later, with sales of electric cars limp the Obama administration is backing off that goal:

Under a new strategy announced today, the Department of Energy promised to support research into new battery technologies and manufacturing methods that would lower the cost of lightweight materials and improve vehicles’ fuel-efficiency, Reuters reports.

But the DOE backpedales furiously from a goal set out in a 2011 State of the Union speech, where President Barack Obama announced what he called “Apollo projects of our times.” One of them was the goal for the United States to be “the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.”

“Whether we meet that goal in 2015 or 2016, that’s less important than that we’re on the right path to get many millions of these vehicles on the road,” an unnamed Energy Department official told Reuters.

Reuters reports that “demand for hybrids and electric vehicles has been weaker than expected.” Maybe that’s because they’re expensive and impractical, and the only reason they exist in the marketplace is because of government incentives.

The economic interventionists, the people who always think they know what’s best for the economy and are willing to use the law to force their vision, overestimate the ability of the government to manipulate commerce. Markets are dynamic, and laws are static.

If people wanted electric cars, they’d need no subsidies. And that goes for pretty much everything else the government subsidizes too. If something works, and people want it, and it can be provided at prices people can afford then there’s no need for the government to get involved at all.

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  • America

    The Muslim Marxist has fooled the fools once again. Promises of jobs and electric cars are a thing of the past and no longer needed. Creating more moochers and slackers is now on the front burner in his quest to continue to fulfill all the hopes and dreams of his mentors.

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    If he just leaves off the stipulation that the vehicles be “electric” he just might meet the goal.

  • John_Wayne_American

    If they only ran the border stations by the sound of cars passing though, the Mexicans would be building electric cars by the millions!

    • slackwarerobert

      Unfortunately, there is no room under the hood for them to fit with the batteries.

  • slackwarerobert

    Strange how electric cars are the only ones that don’t get tax credits. But did he decide this before or after his a123 battery gamble stuck it to the taxpayers again?
    You would think he would proclaim that all the stereos in cars are now electric so his goals were realized. The press will back him up. 99.9% of cars run off a battery, or they don’t start. I would love for him to tell us where you will charge these cars. But his electric cars are a jobs bill, after you park it you need to build a new garage where the burned one use to be.

  • slackwarerobert

    When did kennedy tell nasa they had to have unisex toilets on the space capsule? When did he tell them they couldn’t use fossil fuels? When did he tell them they had to use minority contractors for the work? When did he tell them the rocket couldn’t be more than 32 feet high because some people are afraid of heights? When did kenedy tell nasa they had to provide handicapped access on the lunar lander? If you wanted electric cars you should have let the people make them. I would buy an electric car if I didn’t have to buy plates or register it. Then it would be worth it.