ND Dems Say They’re Fundraising For The Kids, Really Fundraising For Their Party


Yesterday I wrote about North Dakota Democrats throwing a hissy fit over Republicans voting down a $1.2 million appropriation to give school kids a third helping of milk or juice (media reports have claimed it was only a $500,000 appropriation, but that’s inaccurate as the bill shows).

In their attacks on Republicans for killing the bill, Democrats have cast themselves as the defenders of the state children. The Democrats have even taken the sanctimonious step of putting little milk cartons on their legislative desks to collect donations to pay for the milk (we’re just supposed to ignore that almost nobody from the public is walking around on the floor of House to put money in the cartons).

But in a bit of hypocrisy which cuts straight through to what this is all really about, Democrats are also fundraising with their little milk stunt. Here’s a Democrat party fundraising email signed by Assistant House Minority Leader Corey Mock asking for donations not for a milk program for the kids but rather for the state party:


As I wrote yesterday, this isn’t about the kids. This is about partisan politics, and petty point-scoring.

Grow up, Democrats. The state has real issues that require adult discourse.

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  • NDConservative2011

    Corey Moch is a prime example of an old adage “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt”.

    • Guest Observer

      Mock is trying his best to be like his commie/socialist heros on the national stage with this PR stunt. He is a laughing stock.

    • Roy_Bean

      He may be “a prime example of an old adage” but he’s still a subprime example of a legislator.

  • Hal414

    Corey Mock is In Service of Himself. Will this guy ever get a legitimate job?

    • RCND

      He gives away free stuff in his regular job. Its all he knows

  • WOOF

    It’s partisan politics that is beating
    Republican’t Scrooges about their heads.
    Some fights are lost by getting in the ring.

  • zipity

    What…? Hypocritical, dishonest grandstanding done by Democrats….?



  • borborygmi

    Republicans gave them the ammunition and the Dems are using it. It worked well when the foot in the mouth or head in their @ss Republicans talked about rape. It should work now when they hope to give more money to the Oil Companies and not spend a few bucks for milk or juice. THe Republicans seem to have a way to step in the dog poop even though there is only one pile.

    • SusanBeehler

      I don’t think that is legitimate poop

  • DelawareBeachHouse

    So the money collected in the desktop milk cartons, where does it actually go?

    • SusanBeehler


  • John_Wayne_American

    It was a set up from the word go, have some Freshmen Dem propose a bill “for the children” with out any bipartesen support, then run to KFGO the moment it gets voted down. That was the plan, its a game, they piss away time and money on games.

    • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister


  • Sky Rider

    So Corey Mock says the Republicans have “literally turned their backs on the most vulnerable among us….” I would point out to Corey Mock that he is wrong. The most vulnerable among us are those in the womb, whom he and the democrats willingly support violently removing from that womb. Violently enough that these little ones don’t survive. Mr. Mock seems more worried about a third helping of milk for some kids than he does about allowing a baby to be born and have even one taste of milk.

    • borborygmi

      YOu are right . At least the conservative way is to make sure the children will be alive and have a chance at not having milk.

  • headward

    I thought you need to fill out paper work to get a permit to raise money. That is the liberal way.