Higher Ed Bubble: Number Of PhD And Masters Degree Holders On Welfare Has Tripled


A depressing infographic, via Zero Hedge.

And as the data points depress you, consider this too: “According to government data, compiled by the Treasury Department at the request of SmartMoney.com, the federal government is withholding money from a rapidly growing number of Social Security recipients who have fallen behind on federal student loans. From January through August 6, the government reduced the size of roughly 115,000 retirees’ Social Security checks on those grounds. That’s nearly double the pace of the department’s enforcement in 2011; it’s up from around 60,000 cases in all of 2007 and just 6 cases in 2000.”

But yeah, let’s keep pouring money into subsidizing higher ed and student loans. It’s working out so well.


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  • mickey_moussaoui

    The Obama Depression

    • Carl

      Country killing engineering at it’s best!

  • sbark

    ….the Left wing Higher Ed institutions are filled with left wing soft study “intellectual” students for decades —they have been pumping out prospective left wingers with very limited marketable skills for employment for decades——think community organizers by the millions.

    Thomas Sowell:— In countries around the world newly emerging intellectuals from groups that are lagging behind, they almost always study in soft subjects. They do not study in subjects that would give them marketable skills, or for that matter great intellectual advantages in the sense of rigorous thinking and so forth.

    Moreover they’re usually produced in numbers vastly greater than there is any demand for in the market. And so they are almost invariably disgruntled from both a personal point of view and from the point of view of being part of a group that is lagging and is not as highly regarded as other groups that are more advanced. So they launch attacks against groups that are more advanced

    • LastBestHope

      Those with degrees that reflect intense math/science study and proficiency will not be unemployed or under-employed except by choice.

      Those with degrees in Urban Social Behaviors on Weekends will owe mucho money…go on the dole…or join the NEA and help recycle their own FAIL.

  • SigFan

    I know more than a few advanced degree holders that are working far below what anyone would think their education would allow. Having a Masters in “Women’s Studies” or a PhD in Theater History really doesn’t open that many doors.

    • JW-American

      I was just going to post something to that effect, if you have a PHD Degree in Physics or computer science or engineering you have a far better chance than say English lit or Jurisprudence in the 1800’s. How many of these Advanced degrees are students that cant find a life in the real world so they just return in the fall to further themselves into debt?

    • ndoldman

      Sig I take offence,I have one of those advance degrees in womens studies it’s called 36yrs of marriage and I’m still being schooled.

      • SigFan

        Sorry, no offense meant. My wife has one of those as well after putting up with me for 32 years.

  • Game

    Here is a major shocker for everybody, not every person with a college degree is a great employee, and yes, some people without college degrees achieve major life and economic success.

    However, as a parent, I want my kids to go to college, because it is significantly harder to achieve life and economic success without a college degree than with one.

    What bothers me often is on the SAB, the discussion often turns into an anti-college rant rather than a discussion on making college more affordable. Is the cost of college a national embarrassment? Absolutely! Is the answer to reform our higher ed system dramatically? Yes. Is the answer to make it harder to for people to achieve higher education? Absolutely not.

    • ndoldman

      The problem with Higher Ed is the cost has nothing to do with the educational expense it is due to subsidies / scholarships and bloted administrative costs as proven when the NDSU head couldn’t justify the 15% tuition increase after he was shorted 500000 in funding compared to multi million dollar increase raised by that 15% and if your kids aren’t one of the lucky ones, you or they are funding/ taxed at a greater rate, it is not that anyone hates the collage it is the corruption that goes on and the government needs to get the hell out to fix it

  • Snarkie

    People don’t have any hustle anymore because they were raised in the burbs on video games to be soft, obedient, useless bags of flesh.

    The doctors will be picking lettuce soon. Viva Castro.