Even After Statewide Smoking Ban, North Dakota’s Anti-Smoking Officials Launch New Campaign


Just in case you were operating under the delusion that North Dakota’s tobacco prevention board wasn’t just state-sponsored prohibitionism:

The Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy (the Center) has launched a marketing campaign aimed at preventing tobacco use in North Dakota. The ad addresses the $247 million price tag North Dakota taxpayers pay each year for tobacco-related diseases.

The campaign began three weeks after a statewide smoke-free law that eliminates secondhand smoke in indoor public places took effect on December 6. Over 66 percent of North Dakotans voted in favor of the new smoke-free law in November. Jeanne Prom, executive director for the Center, said the smoke-free law was an important victory in the fight against harms caused by secondhand smoke, but there is still a lot of work to be done to reduce and prevent tobacco use across the state.

“The smoke-free law is a big step in protecting the people of North Dakota from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke,” Prom said. “Now, we have to continue to work to expose the harms of tobacco because tobacco companies continue to successfully get our youth and young adults addicted to their deadly products and turn them into lifetime tobacco users.”

I’m waiting for the day when these bunch of state-sponsored busybodies go full-Carrie Nation and beginning taking hatchets to smoke shops.

It seems to me that the mission of the state tobacco prevention board (per a ballot measure passed in 2008, this group is an official part of the state government funded by the state’s share of the tobacco class action lawsuit settlement) is over. We’ve banned smoking in all places open to the public, and in all businesses that have employees. You can’t even smoke outside unless you’re a lengthy distance from a door or window into a building open to the public.

Really, the only place left where North Dakotans can smoke is their homes. So why is this group still campaigning?

Because it was never about protecting non-smoking. It was always about the eradication of tobacco entirely.

Which really has no place in a free society. After all, we’ve all been inundated with the facts about smoking and the health risks that go along with it. There is no American today who is ignorant of the fact that tobacco use is bad for them. If Americans choose to use tobacco anyway, being fully aware of the risks, shouldn’t that be their right?

Not in the eyes of these prohibitionists. They would deny us our individual right to choose, for our own good. In the past the anti-smoking folks argued that they merely wanted to protect non-smokers in restaurants, bars and their places of work from second hand smoke. We’ve done that, and now as they continue their campaign their true motives are revealed.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • whowon

    Unbelievable, this group needs to be shut down. Trying to watch the joint State session, worse then federal. Some drum ceremony…and this has WHAT to do with working as “civil servants”?

  • whowon

    by the way…why do they have their hands over their hearts during this…

    • camsaure

      Because they are checking to see if they still have hearts.

  • headward

    How much is group costing tax payers?

  • kevindf

    They raked in 30 million last year. How much went to Jeanne Prom?

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Good question.

      I just filed an open records request.

  • the uninformed voter

    Doesn’t this group get it’s funding from the tobacco settlement?
    Didn’t the voters of North Dakota vote the tobacco settlement money must be spent for smoking prevention programs instead of healthcare for children and education (putting the funds in the general fund). This was a Heidi initiative.
    We get what we vote for. This group has millions of dollars and due to voter initiative it has to spend it somewhere.
    Sit back North Dakotans and enjoy the Public Service Announcements.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      You’re right. The public voted for this.

      It was a bad, bad idea.

      • harleyrider1989

        They will learn the hard way………..as another criminal made of them by the do gooder prohibitionists/nazis

        “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”
        (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler; 1943)

        The Führer thanks them from the grave:

        Hitler was a Leftist
        Hitler’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign

        One particularly vile individual, Karl Astel — upstanding president of Jena University, poisonous anti-Semite, euthanasia fanatic, SS officer, war criminal and tobacco-free Germany enthusiast — liked to walk up to smokers and tear cigarettes from their unsuspecting mouths. (He committed suicide when the war ended, more through disappointment than fear of hanging.) It comes as little surprise to discover that the phrase “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen) was coined not by contemporary American admen, but by Fritz Lickint, the author of the magisterial 1100-page Tabak und Organismus (“Tobacco and the Organism”), which was produced in collaboration with the German AntiTobacco League.


  • badlands4

    If they are going to continue advertising, then I hope they do a better job than that idiot convenience store ad.

    There are two things that every American knows; smoking is bad for you and you should go to the emergency room if your erection lasts more than four hours. It isn’t a lack of education.

    • $8194357

      Supersize sluppies will be targeted next?

  • Sue

    Pretend they have success in this new “Public Service”. Smoking in ND is banned. No tobacco sales allowed. Will they still be allowed to obtain the settlement funds? Their goal is reached. They will not be able to justify the money, the office, the ads or Prom’s employment.

  • $8194357

    That sucks man….All I wanted was a dang sluppie……

    • badlands4

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! and it’s dude…over….and over…. and over again. Ugh

      • $8194357

        The only good thing about the Hiedi adds during the election was they knocked this one off for awhile…IMO

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    Gotta keep supporting special interest neurosis-support groups.

  • Yogibare

    Do these do-gooder groups ever have a Sunset provision on their funds and authorization?? Good grief, already. Once created they never end?

    • $8194357

      ( Once created they never end?)
      Reagan said that about government programs as well, huh….

      • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

        His arms/cocaine program was shut down.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Nope. They’re free to just keep pushing to make us less free, year after year, with the authority and funding of the state.

  • Shadowwalker

    Well boys, it seems easy enough. Lets defund them. Put the funding back into medical programs and send them into private employment. We have plenty of jobs. Now is the time to do it. Lets get this going.

  • harleyrider1989

    They have created a fear that is based on nothing’’
    World-renowned pulmonologist, president of the prestigious Research Institute Necker for the last decade, Professor Philippe Even, now retired, tells us that he’s convinced of the absence of harm from passive smoking. A shocking interview.

    What do the studies on passive smoking tell us?

    PHILIPPE EVEN. There are about a hundred studies on the issue. First surprise: 40% of them claim a total absence of harmful effects of passive smoking on health. The remaining 60% estimate that the cancer risk is multiplied by 0.02 for the most optimistic and by 0.15 for the more pessimistic … compared to a risk multiplied by 10 or 20 for active smoking! It is therefore negligible. Clearly, the harm is either nonexistent, or it is extremely low.

    It is an indisputable scientific fact. Anti-tobacco associations report 3 000-6 000 deaths per year in France …

    I am curious to know their sources. No study has ever produced such a result.

    Many experts argue that passive smoking is also responsible for cardiovascular disease and other asthma attacks. Not you?

    They don’t base it on any solid scientific evidence. Take the case of cardiovascular diseases: the four main causes are obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. To determine whether passive smoking is an aggravating factor, there should be a study on people who have none of these four symptoms. But this was never done. Regarding chronic bronchitis, although the role of active smoking is undeniable, that of passive smoking is yet to be proven. For asthma, it is indeed a contributing factor … but not greater than pollen!

    The purpose of the ban on smoking in public places, however, was to protect non-smokers. It was thus based on nothing?

    Absolutely nothing! The psychosis began with the publication of a report by the IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer, which depends on the WHO (Editor’s note: World Health Organization). The report released in 2002 says it is now proven that passive smoking carries serious health risks, but without showing the evidence. Where are the data? What was the methodology? It’s everything but a scientific approach. It was creating fear that is not based on anything.

    Why would anti-tobacco organizations wave a threat that does not exist?

    The anti-smoking campaigns and higher cigarette prices having failed, they had to find a new way to lower the number of smokers. By waving the threat of passive smoking, they found a tool that really works: social pressure. In good faith, non-smokers felt in danger and started to stand up against smokers. As a result, passive smoking has become a public health problem, paving the way for the Evin Law and the decree banning smoking in public places. The cause may be good, but I do not think it is good to legislate on a lie. And the worst part is that it does not work: since the entry into force of the decree, cigarette sales are rising again.

    Why not speak up earlier?

    As a civil servant, dean of the largest medical faculty in France, I was held to confidentiality. If I had deviated from official positions, I would have had to pay the consequences. Today, I am a free man.

    Le Parisien

  • harleyrider1989

    7 October, the COT meeting on 26 October and the COC meeting on 18
    November 2004.


    “5. The Committees commented that tobacco smoke was a highly complex chemical mixture and that the causative agents for smoke induced diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, effects on reproduction and on offspring) was unknown. The mechanisms by which tobacco induced adverse effects were not established. The best information related to tobacco smoke – induced lung cancer, but even in this instance a detailed mechanism was not available. The Committees therefore agreed that on the basis of current knowledge it would be very difficult to identify a toxicological testing strategy or a biomonitoring approach for use in volunteer studies with smokers where the end-points determined or biomarkers measured were predictive of the overall burden of tobacco-induced adverse disease.”

    In other words … our first hand smoke theory is so lame we can’t even design a bogus lab experiment to prove it. In fact … we don’t even know how tobacco does all of the magical things we claim it does.

    The greatest threat to the second hand theory is the weakness of the first hand theory.

  • harleyrider1989

    Prohibition historically reaches its zenith once it gets its law on the books. From this point forward they will be in a downward trend. Oh they will get listened to for awhile but the country and the world has been dealing with the prohibitionists for years longer than just North Dakota. Most already know the second hand smoke myth is just that.

    Dealing with these folks is not really needed,their radical claims are enuf to sink themselves over time as is happening globally. Anybody heard of the latest claims thirdhand smoke……….It really is quite sad these holy/healthist/stormtroopers of the new Carrie Nation Variety are so stupid. The only thing going for them is the New Progressive movement,much like the old when we got Alcohol prohibition but even before that these same progressives pushed thru SMOKING BANS across the nation as Im about to show:

    Heres a time line starting in 1900,dont be surprised to see the same thing playing out today nearly 100 years later.

    1901: REGULATION: Strong anti-cigarette activity in 43 of the 45 states. “Only Wyoming and Louisiana had paid no attention to the cigarette controversy, while the other forty-three states either already had anti-cigarette laws on the books or were considering new or tougher anti-cigarette laws, or were the scenes of heavy anti- cigarette activity” (Dillow, 1981:10).

    1904: New York: A judge sends a woman is sent to jail for 30 days for smoking in front of her children.

    1904: New York City. A woman is arrested for smoking a cigarette in an automobile. “You can’t do that on Fifth Avenue,” the arresting officer says.

    1907: Business owners are refusing to hire smokers. On August 8, the New York Times writes: “Business … is doing what all the anti-cigarette specialists could not do.”

    1917: SMOKEFREE: Tobacco control laws have fallen, including smoking bans in numerous cities, and the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Idaho and Tennessee.

    1937: hitler institutes laws against smoking.

    Oh we will all continue to fight them as they move into even more extremes and create even more enemies against them like the FATTIES/WAR ON OBESITY,GUN OWNERS,CAR DRIVERS etc etc…………their mission is to destroy our world and create a defacto Horse and buggy society taking us back 100 years to the Golden Age of the Progressive movement……it ended in 1933 with the repeal of PROHIBITION. They quickly ran to the news reels begging our forgiveness as a nation. But they never were regretful they simply went underground and created the ACS.ALA,AHA and hundreds of other non-profit groups we all think our great philantropic charities…………They use that face of innocence and do gooder public spin to push forward their PROHIBITIONAL AIMS and make you smile and donate while the crimianalize and outlaw your very existence………..They tossed off the bibles and prayer meetings to put on white lab coats and create JUNK SCIENCE with their new found Identity. They utilized decades of visual good works and missions to dupe the public and be the angels of humanity………They are indeed the devils own!