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Ferguson officials charge inflated fees for access to public documents

Ferguson officials charge inflated fees for access to public documents

NO SUNSHINE IN FERGUSON: Ferguson city officials are charging the press alarming fees for public documents related to the shooting of Michael Brown. By Brad Matthews | In the face of media attempts to access documents related to the shooting by a police officer of Michael Brown and its aftermath, Ferguson officials are charging

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Obamaphone use up 100-fold in Maryland

OBAMAPHONE TRENDING: The Obamaphone has grown in popularity in Marlyand– by twice the number eligible for the program. By Mark Newgent | The use of consumer-subsidized “Obamaphones” in Maryland grew 100-fold in three years, to 645,000, twice the number eligible for the program, Washington Examiner reports. Officially called Lifeline, the federal program, administered by

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Stuck in the 90s: Tri-state water wars over ACF Basin may be delayed

WATER WAR CONTINUES: Disagreements over the ACF Basin go back to two 1990 lawsuits filed by Florida and Alabama against Georgia. United States Solicitor General Donald Verrilli filed a brief arguing that the lawsuit should be further delayed. By Brad Matthews | A year after Florida filed a lawsuit in a long-running dispute with

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Governor snaps at Omaha newspaper for its own error

PRESSING: Gov. Dave Heineman takes a swipe at the Omaha newspaper over errors. By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog LINCOLN, Neb. — The governor of Nebraska struck back Tuesday at the state’s largest newspaper, saying, in essence, they make mistakes too, in the wake of the paper’s series of blockbuster stories about miscalculated prison sentences.

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Federally funded Port of Gulfport continues its financial sink

JUST ADD JOBS: The Port of Gulfport received $580 million after Hurricane Katrina for rebuilding efforts. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog According to a recent audit, the Port of Gulfport continues to bleed cash despite receiving $581 million from the the federal government to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The port had an operating loss

Illinois is worst state in Midwest for black male employment

CHICAGO – Illinois is the worst state in the Midwest for black male unemployment, new data reveals. The unemployment rate for black men is 47.9 percent, placing it highest amongst all Midwestern states in this category. According to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois ranks behind Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and

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Does Ohio’s school staff union really stand with workers?

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog Joe Rugola, Ohio Association of Public School Employees executive director, joined picketing Reynoldsburg City Schools teachers last week in a show of union solidarity. But do Rugola and OAPSE stand with workers where it counts? One of the top labor officials in the state, Rugola was paid $244,227 last