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Measure 7 Opponents Continue To Flout Campaign Finance Laws

Measure 7 Opponents Continue To Flout Campaign Finance Laws

Earlier this month I wrote about the North Dakotans for Prescription Facts, a group formed to oppose Measure 7 on the statewide ballot, not having filed any campaign finance disclosures with the Secretary of State nearly two weeks after the deadline. When I contacted the chairman of the group – Fargo-area pharmacist Dave Olig – he


Nancy Pelosi Coming To George Sinner’s Rescue, Drops Nearly $90k On Advertising

Democrat George Sinner’s campaign against Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer has been, in a word, lackluster. Sinner didn’t bother to get into the race until March, and his fundraising has dragged. As of the last fundraising reports filed with the FEC, Sinner has raised just over $850,000 to the incumbent’s more than $1.3 million. Of the


The Only People Measure 7 Protects Is Rich North Dakota Pharmacists

Measure 7 on the ballot next week would repeal North Dakota’s pharmacy protection law which prohibits ownership of pharmacies by non-pharmacists. Not surprisingly, the people who already own pharmacies in North Dakota love the law. And why wouldn’t they? It severely limits competition. Maybe I should lobby for a bill to prohibit the access of


Will Measure 5 Supporters Be Filing Criminal Charges Against Themselves?

Last week the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks (the proponents of Measure 5) filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s office over advertising by the American Petroleum Institute which didn’t have the complete, legally-required campaign disclosure on it. And they’re right. State law requires that all political advertising “must disclose on

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Anti-Measure 1 Ad Claims It Would Ban All Abortions, But Their Own Experts Disagree

The North Dakotans Against Measure 1 have launched a new television ad claiming that the constitutional amendment would “ban all abortion.” It features a woman named Becky from Bismarck who talks about a decision her family made to have an abortion. It is, frankly, a difficult thing to watch. North Dakota Choose Life has released


Democrats, Republicans Pouring Money Into Taylor vs. Goehring Race

I took a look at the latest 48-hour reports on the Secretary of State website, and things haven’t changed much since the last time I looked about 10 days ago. The race for Agriculture Commissioner has become the battleground among the statewide races. State law requires that 39 days before election day that campaign committees report