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Conservationists Dismiss Complaints From Anti-Measure 5 People In Their Ads

Conservationists Dismiss Complaints From Anti-Measure 5 People In Their Ads

Yesterday while guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show on WDAY AM970 in Fargo I interviewed Sara Otte Coleman from the North Dakota Tourism Department about those Measure 5 ads featuring people who don’t support Measure 5. I had some questions about how footage shot for a tourism ad for the state ended up in a


Men In Television Ads Say They Were Exploited By Measure 5 Supporters

Yesterday I wrote a post about a gentleman from Devils Lake named Clint Devier. Clint is an avid outdoorsman and had participated in an ad campaign for the North Dakota Tourism Department promoting North Dakota. Unfortunately, video of him was used by the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks to promote Measure 5


SAB/VNL Poll: Majority Opposes Measure 5, Plurality Opposes Measure 1

The two hottest measures on the statewide ballot this cycle are, without a doubt, Measures 1 and 5. Measure 1 would add this statement to the state constitution: “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” Supporters say it will protect North Dakota’s existing


Still No Influx Of Cash For Sinner As Democrats Flog SAB Polling For Fundraising

Democrats are using the SAB/Valley News Live polling in the House and Agriculture Commissioner races to try and raise funds for their candidates George Sinner and Ryan Taylor. Our polling showed Sinner losing by 7 points to Republican Kevin Cramer, and Taylor losing by 10 points to Republican Doug Goehring. But Democrats say the polls


Whoops: Anti-Pharmacy Measure Activists Recruit Socialists To Their Cause

The interests opposing Measure 7 on the November ballot – and by “interests” I mean rich pharmacy owners who want to keep North Dakota closed off to competition – are touting a study by the Institute for Local Self Reliance. This group argues that North Dakota’s pharmacy protectionism, which prevents North Dakotans from choosing pharmacies


SAB/VNL Poll: Al Jaeger, Wayne Stenehjem Have Big Leads Over Democrat Opponents

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was first elected to office in 2000. Secretary of State Al Jaeger was first elected in 1992. According to polling results from DFM Research, sponsored by and Valley News Live, both men have a very strong chance to win re-election. The SAB/Valley News Live poll was conducted by


Measure 4 Is No Power Grab But Rather Common Sense Reform For Initiated Measures

Fargo Forum reporter Mike Nowtazki has a profile of Measure 4 up today, and this oft-overlooked constitutional amendment is framed as being a “power grab” and a limit on the people’s ability to hold the Legislature accountable. But anyone familiar with the actual language of the measure knows it is neither. “I think it’s an