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Associated Press Has To Remind Us That There Is A U.S. House Race In North Dakota

Associated Press Has To Remind Us That There Is A U.S. House Race In North Dakota

To be honest with you, this election cycle has been a fairly dull one in North Dakota so far, especially coming as it does after last year’s pitched battle in the Senate race between now-Senator Heidi Heitkamp and former Congressman Rick Berg. There’s no Senate race in the state this year, and the House race


Surprise: Conservation Measure Supporters Understated Cost By 75 Percent

If you were one of the North Dakotans approached by the supposedly “volunteer” signature collectors for the conservation measure (these “volunteers” were so expensive the group backing the measure spent at least $8 per signature collected), you were probably told that the measure would divert only a tiny amount of state tax revenues into a


North Dakota’s Largest Health Insurer Subpoenaed In Obamacare Exchange Investigation

When Fargo-based Noridian (which provides health insurance to most North Dakotans as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota) got involved in Maryland’s Obamacare exchange it ended up costing the company nearly $73 million. It also cost former CEO Paul von Ebers his job. Now it looks like the company is part of a federal


The Scariest Secret EPA Map Of North Dakota You’ll See All Day

Many of you have probably heard of the EPA’s push for a  new rule titled “Waters of the U.S.” which would expand the agency’s powers of regulation over even very small bodies of water in America including creeks and ditches. Some lawmakers, including North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, oppose this rule feeling that it’s far too


North Dakota Seems Headed For Worst Of All Possible Outcomes On Property Taxes

Remember when North Dakotans shot down a ballot measure to abolish property taxes in 2012, buying into the “keep it local” argument put forward by a well-funded coalition of special interest groups and local government lobbyists operating under the banner of Keep It Local ND? Citizens were afraid of replacing local property tax revenues with


AG Finds Department Of Public Instruction Broke Open Records Law With Anti-Common Core Emails

I’m back from vacation (we had a lovely time in Montana, Idaho and Washington), and while I was gone Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office issued an opinion on another open records complaint I filed against the Department of Public Instruction. You can read the full opinion below. I had requested emails sent by DPI spokesman


Marcus Larson: Fargo Forum Insults MN Gov. Mark Dayton

In yet another goading Fargo Forum editorial, the Fool’em didn’t miss a chance to be discourteous and denigrate Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton with overtones and direct insults against Minnesota Representatives and state agencies. Here is the editorial with commentary:   Forum editorial: Dayton should get here Posted on Aug 20, 2014 at 11:43 p.m. If


John Mitzel: Measure 3 Doesn’t Threaten Accreditation

Last week, Dickinson State University student Matthew Perdue submitted a letter expressing his concerns regarding Measure 3, legislation which would replace the existing State Board of Higher Education with a 3-member Commission of Higher Education. While we may share the status of “North Dakota student”, Perdue and I certainly come from different schools of thought

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David Flynn: What Really Drives the Price of Oil?

I have not looked at oil production time series for North Dakota in a while so I thought it time to take a look. Oil production, in fact most commodity production (and certainly extractive production) has an interesting cost structure. There are significant fixed cost elements to cover in order to generate profit. Notice in