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University System Proposes Exempting Personnel Reviews Of Presidents From Open Records

University System Proposes Exempting Personnel Reviews Of Presidents From Open Records

At today’s meeting of the State Board of Higher Education Chancellor Larry Skogen announced a list of proposed bills for the upcoming session of the Legislature next year. Among them, as you can see from this tweet from the official NDUS account, is an exemption from open records laws for personnel reviews of the university


Lawmakers Say They Won’t “Rubber Stamp” Appointment Of Higher Ed Board President

As I write this Tom Meredith, a consultant higher by the State Board of Higher Education, is warning board members that the defeat of Measure 3 earlier this month was not an endorsement from voters for their job performance. The Legislature seems to agree. Indeed, in just the few weeks since Measure 3 failed the


Heidi Heitkamp, Party Switcher?

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey says the Keystone debacle may have a couple of Senate Democrats “on the radar” for switching sides. “Even the Democratic leadership in the Senate left Landrieu twisting in the wind, which prompted public disgust from Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp, two Democrats that might be on the GOP radar for


University System Removes Termination For Auditor, Compliance Officer From Agenda

Last night the North Dakota University System filed an updated agenda for the November 20th (tomorrow) meeting of the State Board of Higher Education. On the original agenda (I wish I’d kept a copy) was a line item to address the terminations of NDUS Chief Auditor Timothy Carlson and Chief Compliance Officer Kirsten Franzen. If


First Shots Fired In What Promises To Be Nasty Legislative Fight Over Common Core

North Dakota’s legislative session doesn’t start until January, but already the Common Core issue is getting ugly. Last week while lawmakers were in Bismarck for caucus meetings Rep. Jim Kasper, a Fargo Republican, organized a meeting (see email here) and circulated a bill draft for legislation to withdraw North Dakota from Common Core. You can


Attorney At Heart Of DSU Foundation Mess Was Spokesman Against Measure 3

It’s ironic that, shortly after voters rejected Measure 3 which was put on the ballot by a frustrated Legislature to address problems in higher education by restructuring the university system’s governance, the system once again finds itself embroiled in scandal. The Dickinson State University Foundation is in chaos, with finances so thoroughly screwed up that


University System Fired Compliance Officer In Part Because Of Supposed Leak To SAB

Last week I wrote about the North Dakota University System pushing to fire two of their top accountability officers. Chief Auditor Tim Carlson and Chief Compliance Officer Kirsten Franzen have both put on leave pending termination with university system officials claiming that Carlson’s resume contained inaccuracies while Franzen wasn’t doing her job. Today I obtained


Chevrolet Buying Carbon Credits In North Dakota

Has anyone else noticed a subtle change in marketing for the environmentalists? We seldom seem to hear of “environmental groups” any more. The new buzzword is “conservation groups.” Maybe the term “environmentalists” has been tainted over the years by the zealots who operate under its banner. Anyway, this story about a deal brokered by Ducks


North Dakota Democrats Just Don’t Get It: Voters Don’t Want Want Balance For Balance’s Sake

“Silver lining shines within N.D. Dems’ election cloud” That’s the headline over a letter to the editor written by the Democrat leadership in the North Dakota Legislature in which House and Senate Minority Leaders Kenton Onstad and Mac Schneider do their best to spin what was an undeniably ugly election day for North Dakota liberals. For


ND Natural Gas Flaring Continues To Fall Hitting 24 Percent In September

The latest report monthly on North Dakota’s oil and gas development is out. The state set a new record for oil production in September at 1,184,635 barrels/day, and a new record for gas production at 1,403,448 MCF/day. But just as importantly, the percentage of gas flared in the state has hit a new low at