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Democrats Won’t Say If They’ve Requested Student Data For Political Purposes

Democrats Won’t Say If They’ve Requested Student Data For Political Purposes

We’re in the “red zone” for the election year, with early voting having commenced and election day just a few weeks away, and for some reason Democrats have decided to make an open records request by a Republican-aligned marketing firm for student data that is public record a really big issue. At issue is Odney Advertising head


Dalrymple Conservation Proposal Prompts Sarcastic Response From Farm Leader

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple, looking to slow momentum behind a Measure 5 on the November ballot, proposed an expansion of the state’s existing conservation fund – the Outdoor Heritage Fund – as well as more than $30 million in new appropriations to expand state parks. Dalrymlpe’s proposal would expand the Outdoor Heritage Fund from a


How Did Democrats Discover Odney Email Without Open Records Request?

Last week North Dakota Democrat Party Chairman Bob Valeu made a stink about Pat Finken, the head of Odney advertising, requesting student directory information from the North Dakota University System. Valeu and Democrats called on Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to block the release of data, claiming that he could do so even though the information is


This Is Why George Sinner Released That Bogus Opinion Poll

Last week the George Sinner campaign “leaked” an internal poll by a Democrat pollster purporting to show the candidate with a two-point lead over incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer. And by “leaked” I mean “gave to a friendly national journalist in order to manufacture a narrative.” The poll is laughably out of touch. It claims to

George Sinner

Sinner Is So Confident Of Winning He’s Already Renting An Apartment In…Bismarck?

Democrats are working hard to convince people of their confidence in winning North Dakota’s at-large House race. They’ve been pitching an internal poll to national media, though it’s interesting that Sinner’s campaign hasn’t mentioned it on their official website, Facebook page, or Twitter account. They clearly haven’t been pitching it to the North Dakota media either,


How Did Democrats Poll Registered Voters In A State Without Voter Registration?

North Dakota Democrats are pitching a poll to the national media (see Politico report here) which claims that House candidate George Sinner is leading Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer. I’ll be honest with you, the poll doesn’t pass the smell test, and it seems more like bid to shape this race into a competitive one than a


Lower Prescription Costs Are A Red Herring In Measure 7 Debate

Ironically both sides in the debate over Measure 7 (that’s the one which would repeal North Dakota’s archaic pharmacy protection law) are claiming that voting their way would be a vote for lower prescription prices. This week a reader sent me the photo above of a billboard put up near Jamestown. It was purchased by


North Dakota Democrats Declare War On Republican Ad Firm

In the eyes of this political observer, it’s been a pretty quiet election year in North Dakota so far. The House race between incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer and Democrat challenger George Sinner has been a snoozer so far. Despite indications that it would be a competitive race at the onset the match between Republican incumbent

Ethanols Environmental Damage Illinois

Opponents: Conservation Measure Would Create The 6th Largest State Agency

Measure 5 on the November ballot would create a section of the North Dakota constitution diverting a big chunk of the state’s oil tax revenues into a conservation fund. It would also mandate that 75 percent of that fund be spent every year. Given that North Dakota is now the second largest producer of oil