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Rep. Kevin Cramer Held More Town Halls Than Anyone In Congress In 2014

Rep. Kevin Cramer Held More Town Halls Than Anyone In Congress In 2014

According to the folks at LegiStorm, Republicans are far better at holding town hall events with their constituents than Democrats: Republican town halls consistently outnumber events hosted by Democrats, with 1,712 by Republicans and 977 by Democrats in 2014. The overall number of town halls since the start of August, 1,078, was lower in the

Fargo Forum's Ivory Tower

Fargo Forum Doesn’t Disclose Conflict Of Interest In Editorial Praising New Lobbying Venture

Politicos in western North Dakota are buzzing about the creation of the Valley Prosperity Partnership, seeing it as an organized effort to compete with western interests for state tax dollars. Indeed, the Fargo Forum praises the VPP today in an editorial today noting that the group will be hiring a lobbyist soon. “VPP has identified six


North Dakota State Senator Beclowns Himself At Meeting Of Left’s Version Of ALEC

ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, has become something of a bête noire of the left. Alongside the Koch brothers, ALEC is apparently behind every nefarious deed in American politics these days, if our friends on the left are to be believed. Of course, ALEC is also pretty darn effective at advancing the cause


Kevin Cramer: “Arbitrary Emission Standard” Puts American Power Supply At Risk (Video)

Watch the latest video at “I don’t think many people know how close we came,” Rep. Kevin Cramer said on Fox News Business yesterday, referring to last year’s “polar vortex” and its potential for causing power shortages. Cramer had an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal recently called, “Where Will You Be When the Lights Go


Everything You Wanted To Know About North Dakota’s Tax Trigger

With oil prices in a rout, North Dakotans are obviously concerned about what impact that may have on the state’s budget. Governor Jack Dalrymple and lawmakers have increased spending aggressive in past bienniums, and have Dalrymple has charted a course for “ambitious” spending in the coming Legislative session next year, but if prices keep falling


NDSU President Used Girlfriend’s Email Account To Avoid Open Records Requests?

NDSU President Dean Bresciani is rather famously hostile to government transparency. “Either Dean Bresciani went to the Lois Lerner school of email management, or she went to the Dean Bresciani school, but either way they’re both honored graduates,” Rep. Bob Martinson, a Republican from Bismarck, told me earlier this year referring to infamous former IRS


Report: North Dakota Tax Revenues Down 46 Percent In Third Quarter UPDATE: Not So Much

Update: Turns out the Rockefeller Institute report had some major flaws. See an update here. “We expect revenues to remain strong in the next budgeting period,” Governor Jack Dalrymple said in his recent budget address to a joint session of the Legislature. “We expect revenues to continue to exceed on-going expenditures.” Uh… Declines in oil