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Whoops: New York Times Beclowns Itself With Inaccurate Hit-Piece On ND Oil Boom

Whoops: New York Times Beclowns Itself With Inaccurate Hit-Piece On ND Oil Boom

Yesterday I wrote about that New York Times hit piece on the Bakken oil boom which was highly critical of the state’s handling of oil development under Republican leaders like Governor Jack Dalrymple. In the post I noted that several sources told me that the Times reporters were awfully chummy with former Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Ellen Chaffee while


Republicans Should Help Restore Bipartisanship By Bringing Back The Filibuster

About a year ago Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the rules in the Senate to remove the filibuster for confirming appointments. What was worse was how he did it. Normally rule changes in the Senate require a 67 vote majority (ending a filibuster requires just 60 votes), but Reid changed the rules with a


Skogen Attempts To Minimize Dickinson State University Foundation Fiasco

There’s no question that the chaotic finances at the Dickinson State University Foundation – which features the apparently wrongful use of restricted funds which may well rise to the level of a crime – is a scandal. That’s the accurate word for it. But today at a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education


Hoeven On Heitkamp Wanting Credit For Keystone: “I’m Not Going To Get Into That”

Back before the Keystone XL vote Senator Heidi Heitkamp took to twitter to scold Republicans for trying to take credit for getting a vote on the pipeline: Now is time to work together. Disappointed some Sen on other side are trying 2 take credit for #KXL vote. All sides deserve equal credit. — Sen. Heidi


House Passes Legislation To Prohibit Regulation Based On “Secret Science”

Back in August House Republicans, including North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, released what they described as secret maps created by the EPA in relation to controversial Waters of the U.S. regulations. Many believe those maps represent areas (and by areas I mean pretty much the entirety of North Dakota) the EPA intends to exercise regulation


Lawmaker Says Relationship Between House, Senate Leaders Is “Worse I’ve Ever Seen”

I was speaking with a lawmaker friend yesterday who clued me in to what is apparently a bad relationship between House Majority Leader Al Carlson and Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner. I had both gentlemen on the radio with me earlier this week and they did a good job of promoting a unified message, but


Could Legalizing Prostitution Help With North Dakota’s Human Trafficking Problem?

North Dakota’s elected leaders have been grappling with the issue of human trafficking. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, to her credit, has been leading the charge on this issue which sees women and even some men all but enslaved to act as sex workers. It’s obvious why this is suddenly a problem in North Dakota. The rush