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Get Over Yourself George Sinner

Get Over Yourself George Sinner

Earlier this week the state House shot down SB2293 which in its original form would have established a rail safety committee and it would have redirected an existing rail fuel excise tax to safety improvements. By the time it had reached the House it had been amended to a requirement that the Public Service Commission


Health Gestapo Takes Aim At Fargo Culinary Students

At Fargo Davies High School in Fargo the students have a top-notch culinary class which runs, on a limited scale, a restaurant for students and the public. They were just profiled in the Fargo Forum, as a matter of fact. But recently these students learned that they were going to have to curtail their cooking excellence.


On Television: The North Dakota National Guard Is Not Racist

I had a good time on television last night with Chris Berg, as usual. We discussed my post from yesterday about the North Dakota National Guard responding to accusations that one of their recruiters was behaving in a racist manner at basketball tournament. For those of you tuning in, a University of North Dakota instructor


Backlash Continues For Conservation Groups After Measure 5 Defeat

One of the most bruising debates during last year’s election season was the debate over Measure 5. It was put on the ballot by a coalition of deep-pocketed conservation activist groups, led by Ducks Unlimited, and would have created an enormous constitutional slush fund from state oil tax revenue streams from which the aforementioned conservation


NDSU Student Government Candidates Want Booze At Bison Games

Two students running for President and Vice President of the student government at North Dakota State University want to open up Bison games to alcohol sales, and they’re making a pretty interesting argument for it. You can read their full press release below, but this jumped out at me: Under their “Your Campus, Your Voice”


Fargo Police Want Citizens To Give Them Voluntary Access To Their Video Streams

The Fargo Police Department has launched a voluntary program whereby they’re requesting that citizens give them access to their video feeds in exchange for a sticker: FARGO – If you’ve got a video camera, police want to take a peek. A new program unveiled Tuesday allows residents and business owners here to give police access to