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Whoops: Pro-Measure 5 Activists Use Fake Mandan Teacher In Ad

Whoops: Pro-Measure 5 Activists Use Fake Mandan Teacher In Ad

Recently the group supporting Measure 5 held a press conference calling on opponents of the measure to “stop the lies.” That’s pretty rich given how often they have trouble telling the truth. For instance, there was that time they got caught using pictures of South Dakota to promote Measure 5 in North Dakota. There’s that


George Sinner Apparently Wants A Government Truth Commission

Today Democrat George Sinner’s campaign proposed “Truth In Politics” legislation which would essentially have the government regulate political speech to decide what is and is not true. Because that’s not Orwellian at all, right? A government truth commission? “People deserve to know exactly who they are voting for,” Sinner said in a press release. “That


Federal Government Stands In The Way Of Reducing Flaring In North Dakota

In the debate surrounding energy development in North Dakota, the state government is often accused of being too lax in its regulation. Ironically, though, when it comes to flaring what is standing in the way of compliance with the state’s tough new flaring regulations – which allow for limits on oil production if gas flaring


ND Lawmakers Push Pledge Including Effort To Reduce/Eliminate Income Taxes

This morning a group of conservative North Dakota lawmakers announced a pledge they signed to promote conservative policy reforms. “Over the last decade, we Republicans have overseen an exponential growth in state spending, and we feel now is the time for our party to take the lead to ensure the direction of the state’s finance