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Short-Sighted Democrats Treat Oil Tax Cuts Like Some Sort Of A Third Rail

Short-Sighted Democrats Treat Oil Tax Cuts Like Some Sort Of A Third Rail

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider isn’t on the ballot this year because he represents an even-numbered district. Thus, he’s free to play bomb-thrower for his party this cycle, and the bombs he’s been throwing have to do with efforts to reform the state’s taxes on oil production last session. To hear Schneider tell it,


Sherlock Holmes Calling Measure 5 Opponents “Liars” Is Worst Ad Of The Cycle

The proponents of Measure 5, the conservation measure on the ballot next week, have spent millions on their campaign. They’ve paid “volunteers” to organize their petition drive. They’ve spent millions on slick marketing and television ads. But the marketing also suffered from a number of embarrassing gaffes. Like accidentally using pictures of South Dakota to


North Dakota Supreme Court Overturns Ruling Finding Right To An Abortion In State Constitution

It’s been a tough day for pro-abortion activists. First their ad claiming ballot Measure 1 “bans all abortion” was pulled from at least one television station because it isn’t factual, now the state Supreme Court has dealt the pro-lifers a legal victory as well. During the 2011 legislative session Rep. Bette Grande, a Republican from


UPDATED: Measure 1 Supporters Send Cease And Desist Letter Over “Ban All Abortions” Ad

Yesterday I wrote about a new ad released by North Dakotans Against Measure 1 which claims the constitutional amendment would “ban all abortions.” I pointed out that this is a claim not even legal experts tapped by NDAM1 to make their case believe.  A “white paper” released by North Dakotans Against Measure 1 in September


Campaign Poll Shows Kevin Cramer At 50%, George Sinner At 35%

US House candidate Kevin Cramer’s campaign shared some polling numbers with me this evening which show the race breaking in the incumbent’s direction. The polling was done by Odney on behalf of the campaign, so take it with a grain of salt. Voters were surveyed between October 20 and October 24, with a demographic breakdown