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Update: Energy Drink Ads Targeting Food Stamps Recipients Perplex Retail Industry

Update: Energy Drink Ads Targeting Food Stamps Recipients Perplex Retail Industry

Last weekend I wrote a post based on some pictures SAB readers had sent in of energy drink advertising targeting people who have EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards that food stamps recipients use to access their benefits. Since then I’ve done some more research and found out that the tactic is pretty new – retail


ND Insurance Commissioner To Discuss Obamacare With The President Today

“North Dakota Insurance Commissioner and NAIC President Adam Hamm will  discuss 2015 health insurance market and enrollment issues under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with President Obama, U.S. Health and Human Services officials and other staff in Washington, D.C.  on Thursday, April 17.” That’s what I just got in a press release from Hamm’s office

LOC Abortion sign

North Dakota’s Anti-Abortion Heartbeat Law Struck Down By Federal Court

Calling it “an invalid and unconstitutional law,” federal court Judge Daniel Hovland struck down North Dakota’s heartbeat bill, which would disallow abortions after a heartbeat of an unborn child is detected in the womb. That’s really not a surprise. In July of last year Hovland issued an injunction against the law, calling it “clearly an


Strict Regulations Share Some Blame For Radioactive Waste Dumping In North Dakota

“Radioactive Waste Is North Dakota’s New Shale Problem” That’s what the Wall Street Journal is reporting in a front-page story, referring to instances of illegal dumping of filter socks in western North Dakota. That dumping includes a high-profile and very troubling instance where an abandoned gas station was found stuffed full of radioactive filter socks, and


Convenient: Changes To Census Survey Will Make It Difficult Measure Impact Of Obamacare

Just in time for America to start measuring the impacts of Obamacare on the goal of insuring previously uninsured Americans, the US Census bureau has announced that they’ve changed their questioning about health insurance. The new methodology will result in fewer people being counted as uninsured. Which is convenient, no? WASHINGTON — The Census Bureau,


Audio: Kansas City Jewish Center Shooter Called Into Fargo Talk Radio Show

Earlier today I wrote about Frazier Glenn Miller, also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, being a supporter of now-infamous North Dakota white supremacist Craig Cobb. Cobb made headlines across the country with his attempt to create a white supremacist community in Leith, ND. Back in November of last year Miller/Cross called into the Jay Thomas

Heidi Heitkamp

Heidi Heitkamp Way To The Left Of North Dakotans On Minimum Wage

North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp has long struggled to distance herself from her national party. During her 2012 campaign for the Senate she branded herself an “independent,” and touted her willingness to “stand up” to President Barack Obama. But there’s little evidence of that independence in Senator Heitkamp’s stance on the minimum wage. Heitkamp is


Energy Drinks Marketed To Food Stamps Recipients In Fargo

A reader sends along the picture above, saying it was taken at the Stop-N-Go on South 25th Street in Fargo. The advertisement is for Rockstar Energy Drinks, and at the bottom it indicates that all of Rockstar’s drinks are eligible for EBT. EBT standing for Electronic Benefits Transfer. According to this definition, it “means that