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Affirmative Action In North Dakota: NDSU Uses Racial Point System That’s Totally Not Discriminatory

Affirmative Action In North Dakota: NDSU Uses Racial Point System That’s Totally Not Discriminatory

Yesterday a Supreme Court decision upheld a Michigan law banning affirmative action. Seven other states have similar laws on the books. North Dakota is not one of them. While thinking about the issue, I was reminded of a post I wrote back in 2011 about a SAB reader of Icelandic and Norwegian descent (read: white) who


White House Doesn’t Respond To Heitkamp On Keystone

This was a funny exchange during the White House press briefing yesterday. Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked White House spokesman Jay Carney about reactions from Democrat Senators – including North Dakota’s own Heidi Heitkamp – to the decision to further delay a decision on the Keystone pipeline. Carney’s response was the same boilerplate response


Fun Earth Day Fact: Renewable Energy Was Just 7.8% Of American Power Last Year, And That’s Down From…1949

Earth Day is tomorrow, and here’s something that might blow your mind as you read the stories about our allegedly impending global warming apocalypse and the efforts to head it off. “Renewable energy (including hydropower) provided only 7.8% of energy consumed in the US last year,” writesUniversity of Michigan Professor of Economics Mark Perry. “That

Oil Well Pumps

North Dakota Drug Issues Predate The Oil Boom

The media loves to focus on what I generically call the “dark side of the oil boom” stories, particularly in election years when political factions push the narratives for their own gain. We hear about skyrocketing rents. Crime. Traffic. Environmental disasters, some exaggerated and others real. One particularly troubling narrative is the one about the


Obama Administration To Announce More Delay For Keystone Pipeline

Energy transportation is quickly becoming a major issue, particularly in regions with booming oil and gas production. The agriculture industry is upset because they can’t get access to rail cars to move their product. People living in communities along the tracks have safety concerns over train traffic and overtaxed rail. The propane shortages in the


Federal Judge Rules That Minnesota Can’t Restrict Coal-Fired Power Imported From North Dakota

A big win for North Dakota against Minnesota’s Next Generation Energy Act which put restrictions on importing coal-fired power into the state. North Dakota creates a lot of coal-fired power, and traditionally has sold a big chunk of it to Minnesota. The eastern state tried to crack down, but a federal judge says that’s unconstitutional:


The Spirit Of The First Amendment Is As Important As The Law

The issue of free speech has been much in the headlines of late, most recently with the situation surrounding Brendan Eich who was forced to step down as Mozilla’s CEO because of a political contribution he made to an anti-gay marriage group. The cartoon above from the usually excellent xkcd illustrates a common defense of the sort