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ND Universities Run To The Media To Blast Legislature Over Funding

ND Universities Run To The Media To Blast Legislature Over Funding

Back in July, the state got a report about the condition of the buildings on university campuses, and it wasn’t good. The report detailed $808 million worth of deferred maintenance on the campuses, including some horror stories about research labs without working plumbing. Now, someone in tune with the realities of the state budget and


Robin Williams Mocking A Country’s Horrendous Track Record On Female Rights Is Racist?

At the Emmy Awards, which apparently happened recently, comedian Billy Crystal gave a tribute to the recently departed Robin Williams (watch it here). Part of the tribute was a video montage of Williams’ performances which included, among other things, a stand up routine where he wraps a scarf he got from a woman in the


We Can’t Talk About Delayed Grain Shipments Without Talking About Delayed Pipelines

Yesterday the New York Times published a story about delayed grain shipments in North Dakota. “The furious pace of energy exploration in North Dakota is creating a crisis for farmers whose grain shipments have been held up by a vast new movement of oil by rail, leading to millions of dollars in agricultural losses and slower


Matt Evans: The Myth of the Unarmed Man

“God created men; Samuel Colt made them equal” – attributed to Colt Firearms Advertising If you’ve been paying attention to the Michael Brown shooting story from Ferguson, MO, you’ve no doubt heard that he was unarmed. Years ago, you also heard that Trayvon Martin was unarmed. In these cases, the media seems to have focused

Protesters gesture as they stand in a street in defiance of a midnight curfew in Ferguson

Rod St. Aubyn: Will The Ferguson Protest Set Back Race Relations?

With recent the police shooting of an unarmed young black man in Ferguson, Missouri, we have seen a continuous display of protest within Ferguson and now even in Fargo. At times these protests have become violent. And now reports indicate that there has been another police shooting of a knife wielding black man robbing another


On Vacation Open Thread

Starting today, I’m on vacation until August 26th. My family and I will be traveling west to visit family in Seattle. Setting aside work is difficult for me – this will be my first real vacation in years that’s not also a work conference or something – but we don’t live to work, right? We


Accreditation Worries Are A Red Herring In Measure 3 Debate

At the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce’s policy summit yesterday there was a debate over Measure 3. That’s the constitutional amendment which would dissolve the existing State Board of Higher Education and replace with a full-time, three-member commission. There was a heated debate about the measure between SBHE President Kirsten Diederich, Chancellor Larry Skogen, university