Bill Before ND Legislature Would Allow Concealed Carry In Schools, Churches

gun free zone sign

A bill introduced at the ND legislature would ease some of North Dakota’s concealed carry laws by allowing concealed carry in state parks and federal parks as well as in schools and churches with permission.

From the pertinent section (full bill below):

An individual possessing a valid concealed weapons license from this state or a valid license issued by another state authorizing the person to carry a dangerous weapon concealed if the individual is in a church and has the approval to carry in the church by a primary religious leader of the church or the governing body of the church or is in a school and has the approval to carry by the principal or the governing body of the school

One of the hot topics coming out of the recent gun control debate is whether or not we should end the “gun free zones” around our schools. I think that’s something we absolutely need to do as it is clear from the evidence that identifying these areas as “gun free zones” makes them targets. As further proof, consider that some of the loudest anti-gun voices don’t want their homes identified as “gun free zones” for that very reason.

This bill would clear the way for school officials to allow teachers and other employees to concealed carry on school grounds, sending a message to would-be shooters that these places might not be as vulnerable to attack as they once were.

Update: HB1215 would also allow concealed carry on school grounds, subject to permission from the governing body of the school, but is a bit more problematic in that it exempts discussions about firearms policy on school grounds from open meetings laws.

That’s the wrong approach.

HB1283 Easing Concealed Carry by

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  • Game

    I think it is a sad state of affairs in which people would be asking permsion from a Pastor to bring a gun to church.

    • Rob

      Those folks may have wished that someone in the church had the ability to defend them.

    • Rob

      And by the way, nobody is saying that your church has to allow it. Just that churches be able to make up their own minds on the issue.

      • Heya

        True Christians are not afraid to die.

        • Rob


        • yy4u2

          Heya hanni. You can change your name often but not your stupidity.

  • Richard R Solberg

    About time to end some of these shoot me here ,because I can’t shoot back zones …
    good idea : )

    • Heya

      Ah yes, this would be a much safer country if everyone was packing heat, right? Hey, arming teachers and janitors might not be enough, we need to arm the kids too!

      • two_amber_lamps

        In a battle of wit, you are an unarmed creature.

        • yy4u2

          Tranni sticks out n stinks like his sore thumb.

  • Tim Heise

    I agree with it. Go Koppelman.

  • HG

    Smart move.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    This is a sad commentary on how red necks, and gun nuts give our state a bad image. This is how idiots react to six year olds getting riddled with bullets. The NRA mentality of our state is an embarrassment to us all. The only good thing about this is it paints the right wing Republicans as clearly what they are, out of touch with reality. Thanks to the Republican party destroying itself with this type of nuttiness we now have a Democratic President who cares about all the people not just the top one percent. So go ahead gun nuts, and Republicans drive yourselves out of existence by advertising how paranoid and absolutely insane you are. Praise Jeeesus

    • Jonathan Paul

      A bad image? Because they want to take responsibility for their own safety and security and the safety and security of their family?

    • RandyboBandy

      You’re totally right, we should all be at the mercy of criminals.

    • PK

      The loving Liberals have done a very good job with the black community. They’re so caring. Herd them into the inner city where there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, put them on welfare, destroy the family and kill them with gangster culture and abortions. I’m so glad we have caring people like that who want to protect us by taking our guns. 90% of black children don’t have a father. About half of black babies are never born. From your comment down below, you just can’t wait to use the medical tyranny of Obamacare to declare everyone who questions government as crazy, so they can have their 2nd Amendment rights stripped. Hey the Soviets used the medical system for oppression too. By the way, Romney would probably be pushing for gun control too, he did support an assault weapons bans. The banks that own the Federal Reserve, that fund both parties, want us disarmed because they’re looting us dry and when we all figure it out, there will be some very upset people.

  • Dallas

    Who do they need to defend themselves from in church? The Priest? Thre isn’t one of the sponsors of this bill who has sense enough to be allowed to carry a gun. Dallas

    • Rob

      A pro-abortion doctor was gunned down in church by a political/religious zealot.,2933,523581,00.html

      Why are you against people being able to defend themselves?

    • Hal109

      Because of incidences like this.

      The first attack took place at Youth With a Mission, a training center
      for missionaries in the Denver suburb of Arvada; the other occurred at
      the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, where Murray was shot by a
      security guard, though investigators said he may have died from a
      self-inflicted gunshot wound.

      Read more:,2933,316322,00.html#ixzz2I4blLCgK

    • Shadowwalker

      Several places of worship have been attacked in the recent past. Did we already forget what happened in WI last fall. Really I thought that the people on this site were a little better than that.

      • yy4u2

        Most of the conservative thinking are but none of the looney leftists.

  • The Whistler

    That’s a good solution. You can only carry if you have permission from people in charge of the church or school. Let the people most aware of the threats deal with them rather than sticking their heads in the sand.

    • Rob

      Exactly. I really like that they’re going to leave it up to local school boards/administrators. Basically, they’re just clearing the state’s ban out of the way.

      • RCND

        And now those boards can’t hide behind a state law to avoid showing some leadership

  • Stuart

    How about bullet proof glass on all school doors that allow you to get inside attached to this bill?

    I’m for it..what say you?

    • Jonathan Paul


    • Proof

      So if some miscreant does manage to make his way inside a school, it makes it easier to barricade himself?

  • borborygmi

    Utopia for the NRA Arms for everyone and everyone in arms. Reminds me of a Star Trek episode from the way back machine “A piece of the Action”

    • Al Scott

      I remember that episode!

      • camsaure

        Oh, I hope that is not where you got your perception of reality. Just sayin

    • yy4u2

      Reminds me of a time when some pretty ballsy people defeated the British. But back to your reality.

  • Stuart

    Emily you are so delusional it’s pathetic! I take it you don’t own a gun and we should put a sign outside your apartment or house so thugs,robbers and rapists would know you are not protected. Would you agree to that?

    What intellectual disorder!

    • Rob

      You should click the “reply” link under the comments. That way your replies appear under the comments you’re replying too, instead of at the bottom of the thread.

      Makes the discussions easier to follow.

      • jl

        Emily was never very bright.

    • Emil Kashuntz

      Stuart, I have two guns. To get a clearance for classified information you have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and mental screening. I am not paranoid. Most gun nuts would not pass the test to carry a gun for the secret service or the CIA because of their paranoid obsession that someone in the government is going to come get their gun. Irrational fears are considered a sign of mental instability. Think about it.

      • Shadowwalker

        Is that why a large number of those retiring from government security or military “employment” are being deemed unstable? Do they know something that the “average citizen” doesn’t. Just a question since you seem to know so much about the mental requirements of these individuals. Just saying…..

      • yy4u2

        Therefore, you have no clearance.

  • Stuart

    True Christians are not afraid to die? What does that mean that Christ wants us to be walked on lick a rug and defenseless?
    Good grief are we getting dumbed down and pathetically delusional.

    Christ said,those that live by the sword shall die by the sword. I will die by the sword and still hold onto my faith Jesus Christ as my SAVIOR not because of works lest I boast. I guess I’m a soldier at heart who defends those who desire rights but are unwilling to fight for them!

    • heya

      If I remember right, Jesus let himself be murdered without putting up any resistance. He was not afraid to die. If you’re a true Christian you shouldn’t be afraid to die either, for you will you welcomed to heaven. How can you not understand this?

      • Jonathan Paul

        I do not fear death, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t kill to protect my life and the lives of those around me.

        • Heya

          “Thou shall not kill” Exodus 20:13, Murder of any kind is a sin

          • Jonathan Paul

            Not all killing is murder.

          • Rob

            Right, so let’s allow people to protect themselves against being married.

          • Heya

            What? Is being married equivalent to being murdered now? Does your wife know this Rob ;)

          • borborygmi

            Freudian Slip Rob…tsk tsk

          • camsaure

            Murder is different from killing. You try to murder me, you will be killed, not murdered. I am sure that is way over your head though.

          • yy4u2

            Abortions hanni?

      • melissapaulik

        Jesus died for others – he had a legit reason. I don’t think carrying a weapon means that you are afraid to die. I suspect most concealed carry permit holders would gladly die, weapon in hand, if it meant they were saving the lives of school children or their fellow parishoners from a mad man.

      • camsaure

        Why don’t you step forward then? You are corrupting everything way to far.

      • yy4u2

        So for hundreds of years it was prophesied, it happened, you don’t believe, n then you want us to believe your ramblings? Nice try hanni boo boo.

  • Emil Kashuntz
  • Dave Golterman

    How much “Shoot – Don’t Shoot” training is required for a Concealed Carry permit?

    • yy4u2

      How much “run-I haven’t shat myself forever” training do you offer n for how much?

  • Shadowwalker

    Stand up boys and grow a spine. What part of shall not infringe is not clear. Why should a little twirp school admin tell me that I must endanger myself to go into a school and pick up my kids. Why is it that I am more trained than most law enforcement and am required to carry at my place of employment and then on the other hand I can’t pick up my kids or grand kids if they need to be without disarming myself or be at the whim of a school district. Pretend gun free zones kill innocent people. Time to ban these abominations!

    • yy4u2

      Guessing you don’t fully disarm n thank you.