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Steve Adair Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Conservation In North Dakota, But He Has A Point

Steve Adair Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Conservation In North Dakota, But He Has A Point

If you want to spend millions upon millions of dollars on two unsuccessful conservation ballot measures – one derailed by petition fraud, the other derailed by 79 percent of the voters – while simultaneously alienating most of the people in the state where you operate, then Steve Adair is your man. The Bismarck-based director for


ND Highway Patrol Trooper Accused Of Faking Tickets Says He Resigned Over Quotas

Earlier this week we learned that North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper Jeremie Meisel had resigned amid an allegations that he’d been writing fake tickets. Today I report at Watchdog that Meisel, through his attorney, is disputing the fake tickets accusation and says the real reason he left is because of an arrest/tickets quota the Highway


North Dakota Lawmakers Proposing Fixing The State’s Ridiculous Oil Tax Trigger

North Dakota’s existing oil tax code is a disgrace to public policy. Among other confusing exemptions it includes two triggers based on oil prices which kick in lower tax rates. In fact, thanks to plunging oil prices, the clock is currently ticking on the “big trigger” which will reduce state revenues by billions of oil

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North Dakota’s Common Core Roll Out Couldn’t Be Going Any Worse

When you’re an embattled statewide elected official trying to roll out testing for a hugely controversial education initiative that was the subject of a bruising political fight at the state legislature what’s the last thing you want to happen? Computer glitches. That’s the last thing you want to happen. Apparently things are so bad federal

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North Dakota State Students Elected A Cat To Their Student Government

At last night’s heated meeting of the UND Student Government over a resolution calling for the resignation of UND President Robert Kelley and other administrators one of the talking points thrown around by critics of the resolution was that North Dakota State University’s student leaders don’t seem to have a problem with tuition hikes being


No Confidence Meeting At UND Gets Ugly As Administrators Attack Students, Motion Tabled Until Sunday

The University of North Dakota Student Senate held a meeting tonight to consider, among other things, a resolution expressing no confidence in UND President Robert Kelley and other administrators. In fact, beyond expressing no confidence, the resolution called for their resignations. You can read it here. You can read a blow-by-blow of the meeting from


UND Students Plan Vote Calling For Resignation Of President Robert Kelley

UND Student Body President Tanner Franklin has told me that the student government at his institution is planning a vote of no confidence in President Robert Kelley. “It’s absolutely about transparency,” Franklin told me on the phone this morning. You can read the resolution the students will be voting on below. After a long series


Former University System Lawyer Alleges Cover-Ups And Intimidation In Filing

Currently North Dakota lawmakers are debating legislation which would move control of the North Dakota University System’s lawyers from the university system to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office (a bill to similarly move the NDUS auditors to the State Auditor’s Office has already passed). Lawmakers may want to consider some recent events as they make