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Can We Stop Measuring Gender Wage Inequity So Stupidly?

Can We Stop Measuring Gender Wage Inequity So Stupidly?

Democrats and left-wing activists have been touting HB1257, which is supposedly equal pay legislation but really doesn’t change much of anything from existing law. In fact, HB1257 seems less about equal pay than about giving Rep. Kylie Oversen (D-Grand Forks) after-the-fact justification for that “woman of the year” award she won on dubious accomplishments. Today


Poll: Voter ID Laws Had Minimal Impact On University Student Voting

After the 2014 election Democrats pounced on some reports of voting difficulties, specifically among North Dakota university systems. The state’s universities are one of the few solid voting blocs Democrats have in North Dakota, and they claimed that changes made to voter identification requirements were aimed at making it more difficult for students to vote.


Higher Ed Board Approves Bailout Purchase For Dickinson State Foundation

The Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee (LAFRC) has voted for audits for the state’s university foundations, and it wasn’t even close. During its January 29 meeting, LAFRC voted 11-4 for the audits. The folks at the universities aren’t happy about it, including NDSU President Dean Bresciani who claims that the state doesn’t have the


Something Stinks About Grand Forks Police Shooting

UPDATE: The Grand Forks Herald has more details from a press conference this afternoon. Law enforcement is claiming that there were suicide concerns regarding Mr. Elliot and that he tried to ram a squad car which resulted in his shooting. But if the explanation is as simple as that, what’s with the delay in releasing the story?


Noted Filibuster Critic Heidi Heitkamp Votes For Filibuster For The Fifth Time

If there was a theme to Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s 2012 campaign to the U.S. Senate it was the idea that she is a pragmatic leader who would help cut through obstruction in Washington D.C. to get things done. On her still-active campaign website Heitkamp said there are “too many extreme politicians in Washington” who hold


Obama Gets Four “Pinocchios” For Fibbing About Keystone To WDAY Anchor

Last week North Dakota television anchor Kerstin Kealy (she’s with WDAY in Fargo) landed an interview with President Barack Obama. Not surprisingly, given the importance of the project to our region, Kealy asked Obama about his decision to veto legislation authorizing the Keystone pipeline. “It bypasses the United States and is estimated to create a