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Higher Ed Challenge Fund Should Be Renewed Only With Oversight For Universities, Foundations

Higher Ed Challenge Fund Should Be Renewed Only With Oversight For Universities, Foundations

During the 2013 legislative session lawmakers authorized $29 million to match donations to the state’s institutions of higher education. The funds come in the form of grants, and every $1 in taxpayer dollars must be matched by $2 in privately-raised dollars. Supposedly it’s all been a rousing success, which the Grand Forks Herald editorial board applauds. I’m

Obama Makes Statement On U.S.-Cuba Policy

Obama Got It Right On Cuba

Representative Kevin Cramer sent out a press release yesterday evening reacting to President Barack Obama’s recent move toward more normalized diplomatic relations with Cuba. Not only does Cramer agree with President Obama’s move, it seems our Congressman supports lifting all trade sanctions with Cuba. From his press release: I support the lifting of sanctions against

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Less Than 100 Sign Dakota Resource Council Petition To Audit Oil Regulators

It often seems as though the left-wing activists who are out to stop fossil fuel energy development get an inordinate amount of attention from the media, far in excess of their actual on-the-ground support in the state. A recent case-in-point is an online petition launched by the Dakota Resource Council calling for an audit of


Dickinson State Loses Grant Money Intended For Scholarships

I say that Dickinson State University is losing money for scholarships not because they’ll never get it – the folks on the North Dakota Challenge Fund Grant Review Committee say the money will be available when the DSU Foundation’s financial problems are ironed out – but because time marches on for the students who were to


Vaping Seems To Be Replacing Smoking, Not Luring People To It

This coming session our lawmakers will be considering legislation which would continue to treat vaping, or “e-cigarettes,” as though it were just like actual smoking. Already the state included vaping in its ban on smoking, now lawmakers will consider whether or not to ban smoking to minors. As I’ve written previously, I don’t believe we