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Former Chancellor Robert Potts Says He Withdrew Application Because University System Is In Flux

Former Chancellor Robert Potts Says He Withdrew Application Because University System Is In Flux

Former North Dakota University System Chancellor Robert Potts, who resigned from that position amid controversy over a conflict with then-NDSU President Joe Chapman, raised a lot of eyebrows when he applied to be chancellor again earlier this month. Then he caused some head scratching when, last week, he withdrew from consideration. I spoke with Potts


Heidi Heitkamp Bringing Controversial Homeland Security Figure To North Dakota

“U.S. Sen Heidi Heitkamp is bringing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s No. 2 official to North Dakota this week for a two-day trip,” reports the Associated Press. “Heitkamp and Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are scheduled to meet with local officials Tuesday and Wednesday.” That’s an interesting development given that Mayorkas is embroiled


The North Dakota Highway Patrol Doesn’t Just Have Quotas For Traffic Tickets

The Bismarck Tribune editorial board weighs in today on a store I broke and have been following for a couple of weeks now. Namely, the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s insistence that specific “goals” set for arrests and citations, enforced by merit pay increases and/or possible termination – aren’t quotas. “If someone is speeding, it is a


ND Highway Patrol Officer Drove Wrong Way On Highway While Talking On His Cell Phone

While investigating the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s quotas-that-aren’t-really-quotas policies, some of the troopers I spoke with (who want to remain anonymous because they fear retribution from supervisors) told me about an incident involving Lt. Troy Hischer which happened on January 5, 2015. On that date Hischer had been visiting the scene of the school bus-train


Farmers Union Activists Should Be Careful What They Wish For On Corporate Farming Ban

Today the North Dakota Farmers Union is busing activists to the state capitol today for a rally protesting recent changes made by the Legislature to the state’s corporate farming law. To put it succinctly, lawmakers are looking to bolster the declining number of swine and dairy farms in the state by exempting those operations from


Health Gestapo Takes Aim At Fargo Culinary Students

At Fargo Davies High School in Fargo the students have a top-notch culinary class which runs, on a limited scale, a restaurant for students and the public. They were just profiled in the Fargo Forum, as a matter of fact. But recently these students learned that they were going to have to curtail their cooking excellence.