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California Seeks Ban On Confederate Flag

California Seeks Ban On Confederate Flag

In California, Governor Jerry Brown has before him a bill that would make it illegal to sell the Confederate battle flag, or anything depicting the flag, in California: A bill sits on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk to ban California from displaying or selling the Confederate flag or objects with images of it. The state’s Legislature


North Dakota’s Largest Health Insurer Subpoenaed In Obamacare Exchange Investigation

When Fargo-based Noridian (which provides health insurance to most North Dakotans as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota) got involved in Maryland’s Obamacare exchange it ended up costing the company nearly $73 million. It also cost former CEO Paul von Ebers his job. Now it looks like the company is part of a federal


The Scariest Secret EPA Map Of North Dakota You’ll See All Day

Many of you have probably heard of the EPA’s push for a  new rule titled “Waters of the U.S.” which would expand the agency’s powers of regulation over even very small bodies of water in America including creeks and ditches. Some lawmakers, including North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, oppose this rule feeling that it’s far too


ND Universities Run To The Media To Blast Legislature Over Funding

Back in July, the state got a report about the condition of the buildings on university campuses, and it wasn’t good. The report detailed $808 million worth of deferred maintenance on the campuses, including some horror stories about research labs without working plumbing. Now, someone in tune with the realities of the state budget and


North Dakota Seems Headed For Worst Of All Possible Outcomes On Property Taxes

Remember when North Dakotans shot down a ballot measure to abolish property taxes in 2012, buying into the “keep it local” argument put forward by a well-funded coalition of special interest groups and local government lobbyists operating under the banner of Keep It Local ND? Citizens were afraid of replacing local property tax revenues with


Robin Williams Mocking A Country’s Horrendous Track Record On Female Rights Is Racist?

At the Emmy Awards, which apparently happened recently, comedian Billy Crystal gave a tribute to the recently departed Robin Williams (watch it here). Part of the tribute was a video montage of Williams’ performances which included, among other things, a stand up routine where he wraps a scarf he got from a woman in the


We Can’t Talk About Delayed Grain Shipments Without Talking About Delayed Pipelines

Yesterday the New York Times published a story about delayed grain shipments in North Dakota. “The furious pace of energy exploration in North Dakota is creating a crisis for farmers whose grain shipments have been held up by a vast new movement of oil by rail, leading to millions of dollars in agricultural losses and slower