WOW! Fargo Forum/Bismarck Tribune Endorse Berg Over Pomeroy

Earl Pomeroy

Wow, the Fargo Forum (and it’s sister papers in the state like the Grand Forks Herald) AND the Bismarck Tribune have endorsed Rick Berg over long time incumbent Earl Pomeroy. It seems that the editorial decision for the Forum properties are made in Fargo.

He will bring a new and needed perspective to serving his state in Washington at a time when Congress has fallen to the lowest esteem in recent history. Berg can be part of restoring the House’s tarnished reputation by applying North Dakota conservative principles to federal legislation.


Events in Washington during the past two years have created an extraordinary circumstance. A massive increase in the federal debt overshadows the national economy. Unemployment has remained in excess of 9 percent for the past year. There’s no national energy legislation. The Environmental Protection Agency intends to regulate greenhouse gases because Congress failed to do so. Health care reform has created public strife to a degree the nation has not seen since the civil rights and anti-war conflicts in the 1960s.

More things are broke in Washington than work.

All I can figure is that Pomeroy has screwed things up in Washington so bad that the normally liberal newspapers have endorsed him. Either that or the newspapers see Nancy Boy Earl going down so poorly that they want to salvage some credibility.

I'm a Grand Forks native and alumni of North Dakota. I want to be Rob Port when I grow up.

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