With Specter Gone, Remaining “Moderate” Republicans Turn Their Guns On The Man Who Drove Him Out

That would be former Club for Growth President Pat Toomey, who once filled a House seat for Pennsylvania.

“I don’t think there is anybody in the world who believes he can get elected senator there,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, the vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Asked if the NRSC would back Toomey, Hatch said, “I don’t think so” and that the party should look for “someone who can win there.”…
Hatch later equivocated and said, “I’m not saying he can’t win – nobody gave me a chance when I ran.”…
On Wednesday, Cornyn said he didn’t know if Toomey would be the “only candidate” or the “strongest candidate” in the GOP primary.
“It’s too early to endorse,” Cornyn said.

In challenging Specter, Toomey set out to take on an entrenched beltway Republican who had long since lost favor with the base. It’s little wonder that, upon Specter’s being forced to take drastic political action to protect himself, his fellow entrenched beltway Republicans would proceed to dump all over the upstart who dared put principles over party.
I heard Michael Barone today on the Scott Hennen Show essentially doing the same thing. Dumping on Toomey for upsetting the status quo instead of commending him for trying to do something differently.
After all, the road Republicans are on now isn’t exactly bringing home a lot of victories right now.
If you ask me, we need more people like Toomey to go out challenge these entrenched Republicans. “More of the same” is not what we need from Republicans right now. We need a revolution, and we need more Toomey’s to lead it.

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