Will Smith’s Penis

Apparently, Will Smith participates in some full-frontal nudity in his new film, I-Robot (via Wizbang).

21/07/2004 – 15:27:43 – Will Smith has had his manhood chopped out of new movie I, Robot in the US, but the sight of will thrill fans in Europe.
Smith bares all in a shower scene in the new sci-fi adventure film, which stormed to the top of the American box office at the weekend, but fans in the US will miss the actor’s full frontal shot thanks to a little last-minute digital work.
The actor chose to reveal all in the scene to show how vulnerable his paranoid character is – but producers feared censors would cause a fuss, and cut the sight of Smith’s manhood from the film.
The disappointed star says: “It’s interesting because America is the only place that it’s really a big deal.
“The scene in this movie was full frontal nudity, but they had to digitally remove it. It was the most expensive CGI shot in the movie. I hope the nude scene appears in other countries.”

Emphasis added.
I like how Will takes a little shot at Americans. Typical Hollywood elitism. Europe is always better than America. Kinda like how we can’t ever go to war unless we have the approval of the majority of countries in Europe?
If only we brutish Americans could recognize, as the rest of the world does, how neccessary Will Smith’s penis is to the plot of this movie about robots trying to take over the human race. I mean, how could we possibly know how paranoid Will’s character is unless we detect that emotion through a viewing of Will’s weenie.

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