Why Should We Trust Government?

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Can anyone explain why it is that we shouldn’t trust freedom in the marketplace because it puts the wealth in too few hands, but we should trust all the wealth in the far, far fewer hands of elected officials?
Can anyone explain why we should despise the wealth of corporations and the way they spend it, but overlook the gross financial indescretions of government and the wealth government gains by confiscation (which by comparison dwarfs the earnings of any private corporation)?
Why should we be pissed when a corporation flies a private jet to washington, but not when congressmen do?
Why should we not trust doctors and patients to handle their own health care, but trust government to manage a plan they exempt themselves from?
Why should we not trust individuals to manage their own retirement, but trust government to manage our retirements while exempting themselves and other government employees from SS and choosing for themselves another, more profitable option?
Why should we exempt government from the same scrutiny and expectation we level at one another? Why do so many Americans think government is comprised of objective, righteous, and equitable people committed to making America great, but the rest of us pursuing happiness on our own, are greedy, selfish bastards who are not to be trusted?
May I submit to you that those who work in government are no different that those who do not? That those in government are subject to the same vices found in the private realm? And that those in government are far more likely to get away with acting on these base impulses when many in society barely raise an eyebrow.
Wake up folks, human beings are rarely so trustworthy as to be afforded the license to do whatever they want with other peoples money and livlihood, especially when the same do it under the umbrella of government.
Government, above all else, should not be trusted.