How Did Ron Paul Become The 13th Floor In A Hotel?

I don’t think my dislike of Ron Paul as a presidential candidate needs any introduction. I think he’d make a poor president, for his foreign policy positions if nothing else.

That being said, Jon Stewart makes a fair point (watch all the way to the end):

I’d only add that the these straw polls are a little silly. They’re rarely indicative of anything other than whose supporters are the most enthusiastic in Ames, Iowa. John McCain, for instance, took 11th in the straw poll in 2011. So Ron Paul finishing 2nd isn’t especially meaningful, I think.

That said, if the media is going to hype the results they should maybe mention the guy who took second place.

Again, I’d not support Paul for President, but the nomination race is supposed to be a contest. He’s a participant in that contest playing by the same rules as everyone else. He doesn’t deserve to be ignored just because some in the media have a distaste for his politics.

Rob Port

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