Whoops: Pam Gulleson Uses Recycled Campaign Video To Claim Republican Budget Would Kill Cancer Patients


The Pam Gulleson campaign is using recycled video from Democrat ads that ran last year to claim that the Paul Ryan budget would kill elderly people and cancer patients. The woman in the ads is talking about the 2011 iteration of the Paul Ryan budget, but Gulleson is presenting these ads as if they were new.

The Gulleson campaign just sent out this press release today:

RUTLAND, ND – U.S. House Candidate Pam Gulleson released two videos today of North Dakotans telling personal Medicare stories. Geri Fairchild and Ruth Stefonowicz talked about what Medicare has meant for them and why it’s important to preserve it in the future.

Stefonowicz explained what Medicare means to her husband with cancer, “If they mess with this, if they take it away, we will not be able to afford [medical care]. It will be people like him who will be affected. And we cannot have that happen with our North Dakota population.”

“I know for myself – I have a serious disease. And if I had the voucher, I would not have been able to have the surgeries and the medical care that I did get. I would have died,” Fairfield said. “We need to elect leaders in North Dakota that are going to take care of the elderly…the hardworking middle class.”

“I believe that North Dakotans deserve to know the true impact that the Ryan budget would have on Medicare,” Gulleson said. “During my Medicare roundtables across the state I appreciated hearing from our seniors what Medicare has meant for them, and I am committed to standing up to protect this critical program in Washington.”

You can watch the Geri Fairfield video here, and the Ruth Stefonowicz video here.

This press release makes it sound as if two Gulleson campaign supporters came forward to offer their authentic stories about Medicare, and how Republicans want to kill old people, etc., etc. The problem is that at least one of these videos is about a year old.

Here’s the Stefonowicz video Gulleson just released on her website and her official campaign YouTube account.

Here’s video of Stefonowicz, much of it the exact same footage that Gulleson released today, that was put out by the North Dakota Democrat party on their official YouTube page about a year ago.

If the Gulleson campaign is trying to strike an authentic note here, they might do better than using recycled video of the same person making the same wild claims about Medicare over and over again.

I mean, Stefonwicz isn’t even talking about the same legislation. The Ryan plan for Medicare that was released in 2011 is different, in significant ways, from the newer version released in 2012.

This is a major gaffe by the Gulleson campaign.

Rob Port

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