Whoops: Heitkamp Campaign Criticizes Berg Over Business He Has Nothing To Do With


In a move which might suggest that liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp isn’t as confident in her campaign against Republican Rick Berg as some of the media spin might suggest, her campaign has launched this rather nasty attack on Berg’s business record.

“Rick is a multi–millionaire landlord,” the ad states. “His company, Goldmark Property Management has been sued with over 100 complaints of withholding security deposits.”

The problem? Well, Berg doesn’t actually have anything to do with Goldmark Property Management. Berg helped found, and works for, a completely separate company called Goldmark Schlossman Commercial Real Estate.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the CFO for Goldmark Property Management expressing some frustration about the mix-up:

Goldmark Property Management CFO, Kurt Bollman says, “Rick Berg has had no ownership in, or employment in Goldmark Property Management .”

Bollman says Berg is involved with another separate company called Goldmark Schlossman Commercial Real Estate.

“For Goldmark Property Management, it’s frustrating. We’re having to be put in the public eye for things normally we would not have to defend.”

Again, it’s surprising that the Heitkamp campaign would run such a negative ad to begin with. The narrative they’ve been (quite successfully) pushing to the media is one of confidence. But this is not the sort of ad a confident campaign runs.

And the fact that they flubbed it, big time, is awful for them.

Rob Port

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