What’s the Future On Illegal Immigration?

The “Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty) Bill is dead, at least for now? That doesn’t mean that we don’t still have problems with immigration particularly with illegal immigration. So where do we go from here?
The first thing to remember is that we already have the laws on our books to deal with the problem. Let’s start enforcing those laws.
Last fall Congress passed and the President signed authorization to build eight hundred miles of fence between the US and Mexico. That’s law today and that project (for the most part) needs to go forward. We need to cover the entire border with Mexico with either a wall or a virtual sensor wall. Last falls vote was overwhelmingly in favor of building this border security. We need to hold Congress’s feet to the fire to get this done.
It’s already a matter of law to increase the number of border patrol agents to guard our border. However the funding for these agents hasn’t been coming fast enough. We need to insist that the Congress and the President have enough Border Patrol officers to do the job.
There has been a pilot program to help employers verify that a potential workers ID is valid before they hire that person. This program needs to be rolled out so that an illegal alien cannot get a job with a fake ID. Currently it is illegal discrimination for an employer not to hire an illegal alien if they have a fake ID.
It is illegal for someone to use someone’s Social Security number to get credit or get a job. That’s called identity theft. It is the responsibility of the government to track down people that are doing this and if they are found to be illegal aliens to deport them.
It is the responsibility of a government employee to notify the Immigration and Custom Enforcement(ICE) when they encounter an illegal alien. This could be when they apply for a drivers license. It could be when someones stopped while they are driving without a drivers license. When they notify ICE it is the duty of that department to follow the law and take action. Why should government employees get away with not following the law?
Some localities have declared themselves “sanctuary cities” and are refusing to enforce the law. The citizens of those communities need to make their elected leaders follow the law. They also need to blame their local leaders when crimes are committed by illegals who have been turned loose due to these sanctuary policies. I’d love to see the politicians sued and held personally responsible for ignoring the law.
I’d like to see that we make it easier to have legal immigrants come to this country. I’d especially like to see more educated skilled immigrants who will help us grow our economy. There’s no reason to tie streamlining legal immigration to solving the problems of illegal immigration.
Chris Wallace of Fox News was on the Mike Gallagher radio show this morning. He said something about how it was too bad that the enforcement provisions in the comprehensive immigration bill won’t be enacted. I wound up shouting at the radio “What enforcement Provisions?” The fact is if we had enforced the current law we wouldn’t have a problem with illegal immigration today.
The future of illegal immigration is enforcement. The future is now.
If we start enforcing the current laws we’ll deport some but many more will go home. Some will find a way to stay. Maybe ten years from now we’ll have five million illegals that have been staying out of trouble. At that time maybe an amnesty bill might pass. I don’t think anyone should be rewarded for intentionally breaking the law, but I very well may lose that argument.

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