Vietnam Veterans Arrested For Violating Curfew In The City That Never Sleeps

This doesn’t have anything to do with the government shutdown, but in New York City yesterday a group of Vietnam Veterans protesting the war in Afghanistan (and seeking to call attention to what they describe as the atrocities of the Vietnam War) were arrested. For violating curfew. In the city that never sleeps.

From The Atlantic:

Veterans of the Vietnam War were arrested earlier tonight at the New York City memorial after staying on the premises past the curfew time of 10 p.m. Police gave multiple warnings as veterans continued to read from a list of names. Video from the event shows that not only veterans were loaded into the paddy wagon, but also younger participants in the vigil as well.

The gathering took place in part to protest the twelfth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. A similar protest and set of arrests occurred last year at the memorial. In the video embedded below, a veteran tells police that they are there to bring awareness to the “immense atrocities” committed in Vietnam, and that “some of you are so much younger, and history has been denied you, so you just need to know why we are here.”

“During the Bush administration, anti-war protests like this garnered a lot of attention from local and national media,” writes Ed Morrissey who also notes that The Atlantic was pretty much the only media outlet to cover the protest. “Odd that media interest has declined in the last few years, no?”

Well, yeah, but veterans getting arrested during a political protest doesn’t fit the narrative when a Democrat is president. Especially when the arrests produce images like this one:

And whatever we might think about the goal of this protest, is it really kosher to arrest people engaged in 1st amendment activities at 10:00pm at a memorial that is accessible by the public around the clock?

Rob Port

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