Video: Sarkozy’s Speech Before Congress

Today France’s new leader Nicolas Sarkozy gave a speech before Congress that was, dare I say, almost…Reaganesque. He called America “the greatest nation,” among other platitudes.
You can view the whole thing here, and I really think you should all watch it.

He speaks of America in such glowing terms that you almost wonder if he isn’t, in some ways, more American than certain Democrats I could think of.
What’s particularly interesting is that, years ago when the Bush presidency was new and Iraq was a fresh issue, the left told us constantly that George Bush was making America less popular in the world. Yet during the President’s term in office three of our traditional allies (Canada, Germany and now France) elected leaders that displaced virulently anti-Bush and anti-American leaders with people more of Sarkozy’s temperament (Stephen Harper in Canada and Angela Merkel in Germany).
Sort of almost seems like…that whole “less popular America” thing just isn’t true.

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