Video: Some Perspective On The UC David Pepper Spray Incident

Via Gateway Pundit comes this video putting the now-infamous pepper spraying of a group of UC David “occupy” protesters into some context:

Clearly, this doesn’t exonerate the cops. But it does show that the protesters were warned that they’d be sprayed if they didn’t clear the path and that they refused to follow orders and block the path anyway.

That sort of passive resistance is illegal (these protesters do not have the right to block public thoroughfare and impede other citizens intent on going about their business) but it didn’t warrant the pepper spray. The protesters could have been arrested one at a time, and subdued with non-legal means at that point if they resisted violently.

You’d think that the cops, especially those in a protest-prone area like UC Davis, would be familiar with the fact that the occupiers are trying to provoke these kind of conflicts with authorities. When the cops respond this way, it’s only giving the protesters exactly what they want.

Rob Port

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