Video: ND Senate Re-Considers And Passes Buy Out For Chancellor Shirvani

New Chancellor

On the floor of the state Senate today Senator Tony Grindber re-introduced his amendment to buy out Chancellor Hamid Shirvani, amended slightly to make it clear that the legislature is not attempting to order that Shirvani be fired but merely providing funds for his buy out and termination.

This time around, with only Senator John Andrist speaking against it, the amendment passed on a 28-19 vote. The full bill, the budget for the university system, passed on a 36-11 vote with no debate at all.

Here’s the video of the amendment passage from the floor:

I maintain that Shirvani is irrelevant to the problems that plague the university system. The way the system is currently composed, I’m not sure anyone could govern it.

To that end, Senator Joe Miller has introduced a constitutional amendment to change the way the university system is governed, SCR4028. Yesterday Rep. Rick Becker introduced a similar amendment.

Miller tells me that he likes Becker’s amendment, but that he’s uncomfortable with adding another statewide elected official.

Rob Port

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