Video: Fox News Discusses North Dakota’s Obamacare Nullification Law

Judge Andrew Napolitano and author Tom Woods discussed North Dakota’s recently-passed Obamacare nullification law last night on the Judge’s Fox Business show Freedom Watch.

Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, according to the Minot Daily News, it doesn’t matter if Governor Dalrymple signs this law or not because state laws can’t supersede federal laws:

A bill supporters say will help protect North Dakotans from being forced to purchase health insurance received final legislative approval last week, and was sent to Gov. Jack Dalrymple. Whether or not the governor signs the bill really doesn’t matter, since a state law can’t override a federal law. The new state law, if signed by Dalrymple, says the federal health insurance law can’t interfere with North Dakotans’ decision to buy health insurance or not buy health insurance. It all sounds great and it give legislators a chance to say they stood up to the big, bad federal government. But that’s about it. It really doesn’t mean a thing, and certainly won’t make a difference when lawmakers at the federal level are debating the health care law. It’s a waste of legislators’ time. We’d prefer our elected lawmakers spend their time working on legislation that actually matters to the lives of North Dakotans.

I think Obamacare matters to North Dakotans. I think laws seeking to protect North Dakotans from Obamacare matter to the citizens of this state. And while the Constitution does say that the Constitution itself, and such constitutional laws as the Congress may make, are the supreme law of the land, when the Congress passes laws that aren’t constitutional the states have no duty to abide.

There is an unfortunate attitude held by many in this country, on both the left and the right, which holds that the federal government is superior in all things to the states. I blame our public schools for this educational travesty, because it simply isn’t true.

The federal government was created by the states with a compact called the Constitution which put certain limitations on the central government. The states must abide by the Constitution, but then so must the federal government. If the federal government is trying to exercise extra-constitutional powers, the states can and should nullify them.

Rob Port

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