UN Foundation President Blames North Dakota Flooding On Global Warming

You knew this was coming. Around the time the environmental hysterics stopped using the term “global warming” and started using the term “climate change” they began blaming every weather disaster and unusual climate pattern on global warming, and thus leveraging it as justification for all the restrictive regulations and policies they want to put in place.

The latest in this ignominious trend is Former Democrat Senator, and current head of the United Nations Foundation, Tom Wirth suggesting that flooding in places like North Dakota as well as the number of spring tornadoes is being caused by climate change and that there should be an “aggressive program to go after” climate change “deniers.”

(CNSNews.com) – Former Democratic Sen. Tim Wirth of Colorado, now the president of the UN Foundation, said the flooding and forest fires in the United States this year are evidence of “the kind of dramatic climate impact” climate change models have predicted and that those in the know on climate change must “undertake an aggressive program to go after those who are among the deniers.”

In a UN Foundation conference call about climate change, from Svalbard, Norway on Thursday, Wirth said, “[W]e have to–I think, again as I’ve suggested before–undertake an aggressive program to go after those who are among the deniers, who are putting out these mistruths, and really call them for what they’re doing and make a battle out of it. They’ve had pretty much of a free ride so far, and that time has got to stop.”

Wirth also said it was a good thing that people such as weather forecasters have come together “to try to explain climate change and climate impacts when they’re doing the evening news and talking about the weather, which is where most people in the United States get their information. That’s going to be, I think over a period of time, an extremely important set of steps to take.”

“We also have to do a better job of having the scientific community being able to explain what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it, and why they’re doing it in very clear terms that are understandable to 300 million Americans,” said Wirth.

The problem with having the “scientific community” explaining themselves on global warming is that they have to explain why they’re so consistently wrong in their projections. And to do that is to admit that there is not nearly the consensus on anthropogenic climate change as they’d like us to believe.

But as to the flooding and tornadoes specifically, while there as been a noticeable uptick in the number of severe tornadoes detected in recent years, the change is in our ability to detect those tornadoes. We have better technology that is documenting more tornadoes. We also have a 24/7 media, put on steroids by the internet, which enhances the coverage of tornadoes.

Point being, it’s not that there’s more tornadoes. It’s that we’re noticing more of them.

As for flooding, much of what has caused it is record mountain snow caps melting and filling up reservoirs, a situation exacerbated by record rain fall. Call me crazy, but wasn’t it not all that long ago that the global warming alarmists were telling us that the polar ice caps and the glaciers and the snow cap was all melting away?

And then there’s this: While the flooding in my home town of Minot has shattered records, the record that was shattered was set in 1888 long before SUV’s and coal power plants.

Rob Port

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