Trump: We Couldn’t Have Caught Bin Laden Without Torture

Torture is such a subjective, political term. When you say “torture” most people think of people being stretched on a rack or something. Is water boarding torture? After years of debate I think most people reading this have probably already made up their minds one way or another.

But whatever we call that sort of interrogation technique – be it “enhanced interrogation” or “torture” or what have you – the point is that it works. It produces the sort of intelligence that leads to successful anti-terror operations and, thus, saves lives.

Which is the point Trump is making:

People say they object to these sort of techniques because they’re “immoral.” My point has always been, if we can get some jihadist to cough up information about terror networks and plots, wouldn’t it be immoral not to use them given that such intelligence can save lives?

Rob Port

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