Tom Jones Tired Of Women Throwing Panties At Him

Sky News – Tom Jones has revealed that he’s fed up with ladies chucking their knickers at him.
The 64-year-old crooner says that having panties flying around the stage spoils the mood during his ballads.
“I want it to end now because it has lost all its meaning,” he told The Sun.
It’s not that Tom’s being ungrateful… he’s just had about enough of the pant throwing phenomenum and has urged his fans to just keep their kegs on.
“If I’m doing a ballad and trying to create a mood, then undies appear from nowhere and then it’s a problem,” he said.
“Some people in the audience want to be seen. They run to the front of the stage and it’s like, ‘Look at me! I’ve got the underwear!'”
But the Sex Bomb star does admit that 40 years ago, when his first hit It’s Not Unusual came out, he loved being bombarded with flying undies – but clearly today’s skimpies are just not doing it for him anymore.
“When it started it was very sexy. A woman actually took her underwear off and threw it at me on stage. Nobody had ever done that before.
“It was very daring and very sexy. Then it became a joke,” he said.

At first I thought that this was a problem I could probably learn to live with, but then I considered what the average age of most Tom Jones fans must be these days…
(via Evil White Guy)

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