Thompson Not Interested In VP Spot, Not Likely To Endorse Any Of The Remaining Candidates

From Jim Geraghty:

He will not endorse, I am told by this source close to Thompson.
I am also told, “he has no interest in a vice presidency or a cabinet position.” At an “appropriate time” he will outline his plans for the near future.
This source believes that the race has demonstrated that whatever happens from here on out, the GOP has to stand for consistent conservative policies across the board.

There is no push for funds on Fred’s campaign blog, his dropping in the polls both nationally and in Florida and he isn’t planning on attending the Florida GOP debate.
I’d say it’s over, which we pretty much knew last night. It is a bit disappointing to learn that Fred won’t consider a VP spot, which would be a nice consolation prize for Fred Heads, but then again it’s also nice to know that he’s got enough principle to refrain from holding his nose and endorsing one of the something-less-than-conservative candidates left in the race.
Unlike Duncan Hunter, who I’m going to be disappointed in if he ends up endorsing Huckabee or McCain.

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