Thomas Sowell Blows Away Another Liberal Myth in the Making

One of the challenges with constantly debating liberals is that they make up the most ridiculous stories. Often you’re spending more time trying to figure out what they’re talking about rather than debating the issues of the day. When it comes down to it you usually find out that what got their panties in a bunch was something that was a non-issue in the first place.
Thomas Sowell in his column today exposes the latest moonbat distraction that the oil companies were paying $10,000 for scientists to debunk Global Warming:

AEI has planned a roundtable discussion of global warming, attended by people with differing views on the subject. That was their fundamental sin, in the eyes of the global warming crowd. They treated this as an issue, rather than a dogma.
Like liberal, conservative, and other think tanks, the American Enterprise Institute pays people who do the work of preparing scholarly papers for presentation at its roundtables. Ten thousand dollars is not an unusual amount and many have received more from other think tanks for similar work.
Enter Senators Sanders, Kerry, Leahy, and Feinstein. In a joint letter to the head of the American Enterprise Institute, they express shock, shock, like the corrupt police official in “Casablanca.”
These Senators express “our very serious concerns” about reports that AEI “offered to pay scientists up to $10,000 for questioning the findings” of other scientists. The four Senators express how “saddened” they would be if the reports are true, “by the depths to which some would sink to undermine the scientific consensus” on global warming.
If it is a bribe to pay people for doing work, then we are all bribed every day, except for those who inherited enough money not to have to work at all. Among those invited to attend the AEI roundtable are some of the same scientists who produced the recent report that politicians, environmentalists, and the media tout as the last word on global warming.
The trump card of the left is that one of the big oil companies contributed money to the American Enterprise Institute — not as much as one percent of its budget, but enough for a smear.

Read the whole thing. In fact read everything Thomas Sowell has to say.
Expect the wacko’s on the left to come up with a whole new smear of those that don’t buy the myth of global warming.
It was pointed out that Carrick has already posted on this story here. I even read it and apologize for not giving him credit where it was due.

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