The Patriots Game Will Be Aired On Broadcast TV But Should Come With A Viewer Warning

Because Bryant Gumbel is absolutely the worst sportscaster I have ever seen in my entire life. And his cohort, Chris Collinsworth, is almost as bad in a pompous I-know-everything sort of way.
Whoever hired these guys to call games should be tarred and feathered at half-time. Now, that would be a half-time show I could watch.
But…you have to take the bad with the good I suppose. At least people will have the opportunity to see the game, even if they have to be subjected to Gumball’s rambling, almost idiotic, play calling, or their conversations about everything but the game while a play is in progress.
Personally, I have satellite TV and get the NFL channel, so I would have seen the game anyway. For those of you who don’t and will now get to see the game on regular TV, get ready for some of the worst play calling you’ll ever see.
Okay…maybe I’m being a bit harsh. Maybe they’ll do a great job. Maybe they’ll call the game right. Maybe they’ll be a pleasure to listen to. Maybe green flying monkeys will be handling valet parking at the stadium.

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