The Last Of Zimbabwe’s White Farmers Are Forced Off Their Land Today

It’s over.
Mugabe’s thugs have forced the last white farmers from their farms in order to return the land to the people.
He should be congratulated. He has finally ran the white invader from his domain. Of course, the very fact that those white farmers had made Zimbabwe an African jewel of agriculture seems to have been lost on him.
When he started this several years ago and the first of the giant farms were seized from their white owner/operators you would think that someone would have realized that there is more to running a farm of that magnitude than spreading a few seeds, sitting around, and waiting. His government forced those white farmers off the farms and the farms were then turned over to Mugabe’s political cronies who had no clue about the science of farming.
Most of those farms seized when this whole thing began are sitting there right now unused, overgrown, and neglected. The massive equipment left behind to the new owners has rotted beyond repair, as have the buildings that housed the operations. Squatter’s camps have sprang up on many of the farms and in one of the ultimate ironies of the situation, those squatters sitting right there in the middle of some of the richest farmland in the world are dependant on government handouts, handouts that are rapidly becoming more and more sparse because – there are no more farms.
The United Nations, which instead of sanctioning Mugabe and his thugs stood by and dithered while he destroyed his country, is now saying that another four million people will need international food aid soon, fully half of the population. They also say that Zimabwe’s population has declined from 12 million to 8 million. I wonder why?
Before any on you enlightened types out there start putting up the old “black Africa is for black Africans” argument consider this: Not only did those farms feed that entire nation, they employed thousands and thousands of those people the politically correct progressives are so concerned about. The very same people who are now wondering where their next meal will come from or if there will even be one at all.
Political correctness is a powerful force. So powerful, in fact, that in its name the entire world has stood by and watched Mugabe starve and destroy an entire nation. But, hey, the white people are finally gone.
That’s all that matters, isn’t it?

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