The Unemployment Rate Is Down To 4.3%…For Government Workers


President Obama and Democrat leadership may not have been great for the economy overall, but the government workers in the public sector are doing pretty good. Unemployment among government employees is the lowest out of any other sector in the economy:

( – The best news anywhere in the U.S. economy over the past three months has been in the government sector, where unemployment has dropped dramatically from 5.7 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August to 4.3 percent in September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is down from 5.7% unemployment in July, and 5.1% unemployment in August.

Let’s be clear that while government jobs are necessary – and more often than not filled by good people trying to do a good job – they are a drain on the overall economy. Government in and of itself is a burden to the economy. The private sector supports the government because a truly free market needs a certain number of laws and enforcement of those laws.

But government jobs are no stimulus to the economy, despite what the Keynsians tell us.

Government jobs are, however, of tremendous stimulus to Democrats who count as perhaps their most important bloc of support the labor unions. And these days the government is the last bastion of organized labor, given that there are more dues-paying union members working in government than the private sector.

Rob Port

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