The Obamacrats’ Taco Salad Economy

taco salad

Greetings SayAnything readers!  After a brief hiatus, I’m back!  Anyway, enough with the emotional reunion…about a year ago I told you about the magical genius of Obamanomics, where, while professing to help the average and the downtrodden and attack greedy corporate interests, the economic growth that drives our living standards stagnates but corporate profts surge.

I’ve been tracking this theme for awhile now over at my blog: the Democrats, since taking the Congress in 2006 and particularly since they secured the White House, have managed an amazing feat…they’ve created an economy that has been pretty good for capital (which is the Economics Department way of saying ‘the owners of things’ or the “fat cats” in lefty parlance) and pretty darned crappy for “working people.”

Well, today have more evidence of this amazing feat, as the GDP numbers for Q1 show that the US economy is stagnating (we ain’t growing faster than inflation) but the stock market continues climbing on the back of robust and soaring corporate profits.

Equities rose even after data showed the U.S. economy expanded at a 2.2 percent annual rate in the first quarter, less than the 2.5 percent increase forecast by economists.

So, we salute you Real Leftist Political Party of Genius.  You’ve bamboozled America into thinking your economic policies help raise the living standards of average citizens so they’d vote you into power and you’ve delivered an economy that rocks for corporations but that leaves average Americans in a quite precarious situation.  You’ve even surpassed the genius of the guy who invented the giant taco salad.  When asked if the giant taco salad is healthy, he could say “Of course it is, it’s a salad.”  When questioned if Obama’s economy is actually good for average Americans, you can say “Of course it is, he’s Obama.”  So crack open an ice cold Bud Light Obamacrats, you put the stag in stagflation.

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