The Obama Administration Wants To Have It Both Ways On Gas Prices


A new progress report published by the White House is patting President Obama on the back for an increase in domestic oil production. Now, we can debate about whether or not that increase is attributable to Obama’s policies (it isn’t), but there’s something interesting about the administration making that claim.

While they’re simultaneously touting increased oil production to combat complaints about gas prices (65% of Americans disapprove of the administration’s handling), they’re also arguing that increased oil production doesn’t lower prices.

From Sean Hackbarth:

…the White House produced an infographic explaining gas prices, but they’re too clever by half. A section is titled, “Increased Production Doesn’t Lower Gas Prices” and has some graphs making their argument.

Let me get this straight: The administration prides itself for increased domestic oil and gas production, but implies that more oil doesn’t have anything to do with gas prices, because the biggest factor is the world oil price. They’re both trying to take credit and deflect blame.

Here’s a link to the infographic, with this section mentioned above:

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Rob Port

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