The Anatomy Of A Political Smear


According to this report at KFGO, the Department of Justice is investigating an anti-Heidi Heitkamp NRSC ad which features a former US Marshall (see it below). The Marshall, one Mr. Jake Werner, is clearly noted to be retired. And this is hardly the first advertisement in a federal campaign to feature a former federal official. Generals, diplomats and others have long endorsed candidates from both parties while invoking their old titles.

You don’t lose your right to free speech just because you used to work for the federal government. But let’s think about this for a minute.

The only place in the media this is being reported is at KFGO, where Heitkamp’s brother Joel Heitkamp is the program director. And who just happens to be the US Attorney in North Dakota who would, I presume, be in charge of such an investigation? Tim Purdon who, when he was appointed to his current position by Barack Obama, had to step down from where he was serving on the Democrat National Committee. Purdon is such a notorious political hack that he attempted to prosecute a half dozen oil companies operating in North Dakota for violations of the Migratory Birds Treat Act relating to a couple of dozen dead common ducks found around oil sites over the course of several months.

The charges were so ludicrous they were laughed out of federal court, and they earned Purdon the title “Dodo of the Year” from the Wall Street Journal. Purdon has gone on to be named one of the most partisan US attorneys in America.

So is it so hard to imagine that the hyper-partisan Democrat loyalist in the US Attorneys office would give a story about a non-sensical “investigation” into a campaign ad to the hyper-partisan radio station managed by the brother of the candidate criticized in that ad?

Not at all. I mentioned in a post earlier today that the Democrats have really been intensifying their increasingly petty attacks on Berg lately, and methinks I get a whiff of desperation.

Rob Port

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