Over 80% of North Dakotans With Individual Insurance Policies Are Losing Them, Only 30 Exchange Enrollments So Far


The request for information regarding Obamacare insurance policy cancelations sent out by Commissioner Adam Hamm’s office last week is bearing some fruit.

Previously the Fargo Forum’s Kyle Potter reported that roughly 2,500 insured were losing coverage from Medica and Sanford, but he noted that other companies (including the state’s largest player Blue Cross Blue Shield) weren’t making the information public.

Thus Hamm’s request.

Now the Insurance Department has some information back, and here are the number of people losing their insurance (the number is for “lives covered”) thanks to the cancellation of their plans due to Obamacare:

Sanford Health Plan — 812
Medica — 3,173
BCBSND — 31,600

Total: 35,585 people who lost insurance just from the companies that have reported so far.

There are more companies that are yet to report, though they have small market shares.

To put that into perspective, consider that as of 2012 about 42,500 North Dakotans had individual insurance policies (about 6% of all policies) according to the State Insurance Department. Meaning that nearly 84% of North Dakotans covered by individual insurance policies are losing their coverage.

Thanks to Obamacare which was sold in the idea that if you liked your insurance you could keep it.

And the number will go higher as more insurance companies report in. In the end, I think we can safely assume that pretty much all of North Dakota’s individual insurance purchasers will lose their policies.

But there’s more to this story. While tens of thousands are losing their insurance coverage, very few are signing up for new policies through the Obamacare exchanges. As of November 1st, Commissioner Adam Hamm told me on the phone earlier today, there have 30 enrollments from North Dakotans for policies through the federal health insurance exchange. All together those policies cover 37 lives.

Rob Port

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