Tea Partiers, Anti-ObamaCare Extremists Target Norwegian Capital

I mean it is obvious, right?  Right?  Mayor Bloomberg, no?

No group has publicly taken responsibility for the blast and a U.S. counter-terrorism official told ABC News there is no indication yet of motive or suspects.

See, nobody has taken responsibility so it definitely could be someone upset over ObamaCare…and the DHS tells us that white folks, Christians probably, are the likeliest to be terrorists, so it just must be true. While we’re busy hunting down white, anti-Obamacare, Tea Partying extremists, lets give some assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels..oh wait, we’re already doing that.

When conservatives libertarians talk about less government, we’re talking about less of the rank stupidity of a DHS deliberately focusing away from the core problem of terrorism and the DOJ deliberately arming drug gangs with advanced weaponry.  Liberals may call less government “chaos” but I see alot of chaos despite and because of goverment.  Less power and less scope to be monumentally stupid, to me would be progress.

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