Take Action: Tell North Dakota Public Schools To End Contract With Planned Parenthood

Over the weekend, I posted about news that North Dakota’s Department of Public Instruction (overseen by Democrat Superintendent Wayne Sanstead) has contracted with Planned Parenthood to do sex education training at a seminar for the state’s teachers.

You can get more details about the event at PlainsDaily.com. However you may feel about sex education in our schools, at the very least we should be able to agree that a group as polarizing and with as pronounced an ideological bent as Planned Parenthood has shouldn’t be anywhere near our public schools. And certainly shouldn’t be receiving our tax dollars to perform seminars.

In that original post I asked you readers to send emails to Mr. Sanstead telling him to stop this from happening. We’ve had hundreds of emails sent over the weekend, but we need to keep the heat on. If you haven’t already, please use the form below to send Mr. Sanstead an email. Then forward this link on to your North Dakota friends – post it on your Facebook or your Twitter or anywhere else where people will click – so that we keep the emails going.

They really do make a difference.

The DPI tried to fly under the radar with this event. Let’s remind them that we’re paying attention.

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Rob Port

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