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‘Nonpartisan’ critic says Soros’ cash hasn’t caused political bias

MONEY MATTERS: Dolores Furtado says funding from billionaire liberal George Soros haven’t affected the nonpartisan stance of the League of Women Voters. However, several of the organization’s leaders are also Democratic politicos or donors. By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog OSAWATOMIE — A self-proclaimed nonpartisan Kansas organization has defended contributions it received from billionaire liberal

Adam Kokesh in custody on drug and weapons charges

BUSTED: Adam Kokesh, a former Santa Fe resident and gun rights advocate, is facing drug and weapons charges in Fairfax County, Va. Photo from a Kokesh YouTube video. By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog Adam Kokesh has been called a hero, a nut job and a potentially dangerous provocateur. He’ a former Santa Fe

Varied OK reactions to delayed health care mandate: relief, reserve, rejoicing

By Patrick B. McGuigan | CapitolBeatOK OKLAHOMA CITY — The state official in charge of administering Oklahoma’s government health care funds said is relieved to get another year for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. A leading supporter of the Obama PRUITT PROVEN RIGHT? Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt — who continues to press

Brownback follows in Federal footsteps on judicial selection

DOUBLE STANDARD: While Kansas’ recent switch to gubernatorial appointment of some judges has earned Gov. Sam Brownback criticism, supporters argue it’s essentially the same process used by President Barack Obama and the federal government. By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog OSAWATOMIE — A change in the state judicial selection process has ignited a firestorm of

‘Obamacare’ supporters in NM still upbeat; critics remain skeptical

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW: The Obama administration has delayed by one year implementing a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act. By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog SANTA FE – Statewide reaction to news of the Obama administration delaying a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act was mostly predictable. Supporters still think


USDA Demands Magician Develop “Disaster Plan” For His Rabbit

Remember that study indicating that the expansion of federal regulation has made America 72% poorer? Here’s another data point supporting that conclusion. Marty Mahane is a magician who works in Missouri. Like a lot of magicians, he has a rabbit that is a part of his act. But lately, his rabbit has been causing him

U.S. President Obama gestures as he responds to a question during a news conference with Britain's PM Cameron at the White House in Washington

Report: No Liberal Or Even Non-Partisan Groups Say They Were Targeted By The IRS

“Republicans are looking for a conspiracy where there isn’t one,” Rep. Jim McDermott said of the inquiry into the IRS scandal during a House Ways and Committee hearing earlier this week. And yet, according to McClatchy, not a single liberal or even non-ideological group has come forward to say they were mistreated by the IRS


IRS “Obamacare” Official Was Never In White House Meeting With IRS Commissioner

Recent reports detailed 157 visits by former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman to the White House during the time when the IRS was targeting President Obama’s political enemies for extra scrutiny. This is amazing when you consider that Shulman visited the White House more than any cabinet member – the Secretary of State, the Secretary of


Shocker: Partisan North Dakota US Attorney Follows Obama Narrative On Sequester

North Dakota US Attorney Tim Purdon is a political operative appointed to a position that is supposed to be non-political. Purdon was appointed as North Dakota’s top federal cop straight from the Democrat National Committee by President Obama. One of his first actions as US Attorney for North Dakota was an attempt at a thoroughly


IRS Commissioner Visited White House More Than Any Cabinet Member

A stunning, and potentially damning, revelation from the Daily Caller which indicates that former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman visited the White House more than any of Obama’s cabinet members during the time when the IRS was targeting conservative groups. The level of visitation is out of character for an IRS commissioner per comparisons to the