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Left Wing North Dakota Talkers Joel Heitkamp, Mike McFeely Lost Big Ratings In Latest Arbitrons

Left Wing North Dakota Talkers Joel Heitkamp, Mike McFeely Lost Big Ratings In Latest Arbitrons

Readers in the Fargo area tell me they’ve noticed a drop off in the number of callers to left-wing talk shows hosted by Joel Heitkamp (brother to US Senator Heidi Heitkmap) and Mike McFeely. They were wondering if those shows had seen a drop off in the ratings. While I’m a frequent guest on talk


Still No Word On Sentor Heitkamp’s Shutdown Salary Donation

About a week ago I wrote of my efforts to find out the when, how much and to who of donation of her shutdown salary Senator Heitkamp had announced she would be making to a North Dakota charity. I’ve asked for the information from Senator Heitkamp’s Communications Director Todd Deutsch, but to no avail. They’re


Audio: Leith Racist Craig Cobb Calls Into Radio Program

Yesterday on KFYR’s What’s On Your Mind program with Scott Hennen and Steve Bakken notorious racist Craig Cobb, who has been leading efforts by white supremacists to move in and “take over” Leith, North Dakota, called in and took questions. Cobb wasn’t scheduled to be on the program, but when he called in Hennen and


In North Dakota House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Says Food Stamps Must Be Separate From The Farm Bill

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spent the day in North Dakota today alongside Rep. Kevin Cramer. They toured oil operations in western North Dakota, but during an interview with talk radio host Scott Hennen Cantor talked about more than just oil. He also covered the push by his Republican colleagues like Senator Ted Cruz to


Audio: North Dakota State Fair Manager Laughs Off Red Ink

Earlier this week I wrote about the North Dakota State Fair’s red ink problem. Despite record, or near-record, attendance the annual festival has lost $11.4 million since 1999 according to the NDSF Association’s financial disclosures (see below). But NDSF General Manager Renae Korslein disputes the idea that the event loses money. “Whoever read those financial


Radio Hosts Joel Heitkamp, Mike McFeely To Lose Syndication In Western North Dakota

The rumors have been flying in political circles for some time now, but today I can confirm that within thirty days Joel Heitkamp and Mike McFeely will only be broadcasting in Fargo. Currently Heitkamp is syndicated on KFYR AM550 out of Bismarck and KCJB AM910 out of Minot in addition to his KFGO signal. McFeely


Hennen’s Notebook: Planned Parenthood, March For Life And Guns In Church

I wonder if Representative Kathy Hawken (RINO – Fargo) remembers what happened to Senator Curtis Olafson? Given her cheer leading this week for the two NDSU professors who were part of dissing legislators by doing an end-around the law on sex-education curriculum in North Dakota, she could face the same fate at election time. She


Being Right Doesn’t Always Win Elections

At the Grand Forks Herald, opinion editor Tom Dennis uses the occasion of President Obama’s second-term inauguration to argue that Republicans haven’t been winning a lot of elections of late because they aren’t sufficiently caring. After referencing one of Scott Hennen’s columns here on SAB, Dennis writes that the problem with Republicans is that we


A Ghoulish Display Of Political Theater At The State Capitol

DUI policy will be a hot topic in this legislative session thanks to the Fargo-centric media sensationalizing a few tragic DUI crashes. As I’ve written before, the DUI problem in North Dakota a) isn’t nearly as bad as some would have you believe and b) certainly isn’t being solved by “get tough” enforcement policies. But