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Intolerance: Fan Upset At Cross Drawn On Mound To Honor Deceased Baseball Player

Intolerance: Fan Upset At Cross Drawn On Mound To Honor Deceased Baseball Player

St. Louis Cardinals great Stan Musial died earlier this year, and during this baseball season a groundskeeper at Busch Stadium has been drawing a cross and the number 6 (Musial’s number) in rememberance on the pitcher’s mound. But it wasn’t until just recently that a fan noticed, and he’s gone to the media with his


“Tolerance” Doesn’t Mean Driving Religion From The Public Square

An unfortunate facet of very holiday season is the “War on Christmas,” both real and imagined. Some of it is over sensitivity. Some of it is an actual effort to expunge religion from the season. It can all get a little silly. And tiresome. But one part of this annual debate that fascinates me is


Democrat State Legislator Wants Catholic Church To Shut Up About Politics

WDAY talker Jay Thomas posts this on his Facebook page promoting an upcoming interview with state Senator Tim Mathern who is upset about a political statement Catholics want read in all the state’s parishes. Contrary to what many believe, organizations with non-profit status like churches can actually talk about politics as long as they stick


Obama Tells Americans To “Reject The Denigration Of Any Religion”

So, now we can’t be critical of religion? President Obama paid tribute to the four Americans slain this week in Libya and again tried to tamp down anti-American anger around the globe in his weekly radio address on Saturday. “I have made it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people of


Should North Dakota End Mandatory Sunday Closings?

A North Dakota blue law, which once required most businesses remain closed on Sundays but has since been revised to allow most businesses to open after noon that day, is making headlines in the state thanks to an influx of new citizens (thanks, oil boom!) who aren’t used to the law. Now some are wondering


Experts From Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, the University of Virginia, and Notre Dame Endorse Measure 3

Measure 3, the constitutional amendment on the June ballot which would shore up North Dakota’s protections for religious liberty, has drawn a lot of wild accusations from its opponents who have claimed that it would legalize everything from vampirism to child abuse. With Planned Parenthood pouring nearly a half-million dollars into a campaign to oppose


Shocker: Anti-Measure 3 Campaign Funded By Planned Parenthood

Measure #3 on the upcoming June ballot would protect religious liberty. I explained the issue in a previous post, but essentially the court system began to rule that laws which didn’t directly target religion but burdened religious expression anyway weren’t necessarily illegal (think of laws like the Obamacare contraception mandate, as one example). Laws have


Measure 3 Would Protect Religious Liberty In North Dakota

Other measures that will be on the June ballot here in North Dakota – mostly notably those concerning property taxes and university nicknames – have garnered more attention than Measure 3, but I don’t know that any ballot measure in the state has ever inspired more ignorant things to be said about it. There are


New York Schools Want To Ban “Loaded Words” From Tests

Apparently, the City of New York is worried about the use of controversial, “loaded” words in they’re testing. Words like “birthday.” And “dinosaur.” No, I’m not joking. New York (CNN) – Divorce. Dinosaurs, Birthdays. Religion. Halloween. Christmas. Television. These are a few of the 50-plus words and references the New York City Department of Education